What is more excessive than sex underwear

Introduction: Beyond the limit of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has been widely known. It represents people’s desire for sexy and sex. Even in public, wearing erotic underwear is the most private carnival.However, modern society is becoming more and more open, and people’s satisfaction is becoming more and more extreme, and things that are more excessive than sex underwear have also appeared.

Part 1: Physical Transformation

In the past, we just hurriedly took a bath, dinner, and went to bed at night.Time passes faster and faster, and our thoughts are constantly changing.Body transformation has become more and more popular in recent years.The convenience brought by these transformations is more "excessive" than sex underwear.

Part 2: Pseudo -organ

Pseudo -organs?In fact, this refers to sex toys.Not only are there more and more male toys, but female toys are also innovating.These devices can be used on any occasion, and they can be fully enjoyed in quietly playing.

Part 3: Virtual Reality Scenery

The advancement of artificial reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology has brought people a new emotional experience without real touch and can get the highest pleasure. Any sexual imagination can be satisfied in virtual reality.Excessive enjoyment than sex underwear is among them.

Part 4: Extreme SM Movement

SM movement has strong aggression and strong desire to control.Masters in this field are abound, and enthusiasts need to find their own satisfaction in them.The degree of stimulation it brings far exceeds the feeling of sexy underwear.

Part 5: Masturbation addiction

Masturbation addiction is a behavioral disease. The most terrible thing is that its satisfaction can be obtained anytime, anywhere.If you can’t control it, there may be very serious consequences.

Part 6: Simulation "Real" experience

The simulation of real experience is to simulate an immersive experience through the help of some machines, instruments and other electronic products.This experience is fascinating and is more excessive than sex underwear.

Part 7: Gender Exploration Tour

Men become women?Women become men?This sounds weird.However, the gender exploration journey, especially the transgender journey, brings us a novice experience that has never been before, which can even surpass our needs for sexy underwear.

Part 8: Super sex

This is not a simple business behavior, but super sex.People are no longer limited to specific methods and patterns, but pay more attention to their physical pleasure and passiveness.This experience can be said to be the most extreme and the most excessive of all "excessive".

Conclusion: Best and excessive have nothing to do with

People are constantly seeking inner satisfaction. This is our nature. Everyone has a way to seek happiness and satisfaction.However, when we talk about "more excessive things than sexy underwear", we refer to a need for emotional satisfaction, a pursuit of extreme attitude, rather than evaluate whether good or bad.In addition, everyone is pursuing the extremes. Don’t be afraid to explore and try, but you should also pay attention to their own health and safety.

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