What are the words related to sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that can bring sexy and eye -catching, so it occupies an increasingly important position among major clothing brands.With the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, the relevant vocabulary is becoming hotter.In this article, we will briefly introduce some sexy lingerie -related words.


Transparent underwear is a super sexy underwear. It is characterized by a very thin and transparent material. It can show the wonderful curve of women’s bodies and show the sexy side of women.The color of transparent underwear is mostly black, red and white.

2. Stockings (Stockings)

Stockings are a kind of long stockings worn by women, usually made of silk or nylon materials.In sexy underwear, stockings are romantic and sexy representatives.

3. Sweater Lingerie

Sweater underwear is a warm and sexy sexy underwear at the same time.It is made of soft materials and can easily shape the body of women.

4. Camio vest (Camisole)

The suspender vest, also known as a lady vest, is a light, comfortable female underwear.It is often made of silk or lace materials, which is very soft and comfortable to wear on the body.

5. Half-Cup Bra underwear (Half-Cup Bra)

Half cup underwear is a kind of underwear, which can show the maximum area of women’s chest.It is usually made of lace or short fiber, which can enhance the nipple’s manifestation.

6. Butterfly Thong

Butterfly pants are a female loved T -shaped pants. It has a thin triangle stuck in the waist, and the two sides are butterfly, which is very sexy.


"Toys" in sexy underwear refers to products related to sex, usually consisting of inflatable dolls, simulators and other related products.Toys can be used as the perfect matching of sexy underwear.

8. Kimono

The blouse is a traditional clothing from Japan, which is now widely used in the field of sexy underwear.It is made of soft materials and has a very atmospheric oriental charm.

9. Sexy thongs (C-String)

Sexy thongs are a type of T -shaped pants, which consist of a elastic silk thread, which can perfectly stick to women, showing a very charming back curve.

10. Star

The stars usually refer to the flowers used on sexy underwear, which just embellish the design elements on other various materials, which is very attractive.

Viewpoint: Interest underwear is a very mysterious clothing, not only to make women show their beautiful figure, but also a kind of attempt to show women’s self -identity.

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