What are the regulations for eBay to sell sexy underwear

Learn eBay’s regulations on sexy underwear

Selling sexy underwear on eBay is a common choice for many sellers. Whether you want to sell sexy underwear on eBay or already sell it, it is important to understand eBay’s regulations on such products.

Forbidden to sell inappropriate products

EBAY does not allow any pornographic products on its platform.For sexy underwear sellers, this means you cannot sell products with exposure, exposure, and sexual hints.Sellers need to ensure that the products they listed need to be consistent with EBAY’s product description policy.If you do not comply with this rule, eBay may suspend your sales qualifications.

Use keywords correctly

Although eBay does not require any keywords for sex underwear, if you want to increase sales, some sellers may use words and keywords related to pornographic activities.This is strongly not recommended.Although such keywords may attract users’ attention, eBay may delete your product or restrict you.

Pay attention to the photo regulations

You need to carefully check the photos of all erotic underwear to ensure that they meet EBAY rules.EBAY requires your photos to not include inappropriate content, including indecent content or explicit sexual hints.The photos need to be clear and bright, and must not use false photos or pictures.

Correctly describe your product

Product description is very important.EBAY requires sellers to provide accurate and complete information in order to facilitate consumers to decide whether to buy items.Make sure your description contains all the details of your product, and use a very clear language description with a positive and answer.In addition, the description cannot contain pornographic -related content, and the seller cannot describe their products maliciously or falsely.

Provide enough size information

The seller needs to provide a size information about sexy underwear to facilitate the buyer to determine whether their size is suitable.If you do not provide enough size information, it may cause consumers to communicate with you and waste time.Make sure your size chart is clear and accurate to facilitate customers to buy.

Communicate with consumers in a timely manner

Getting rid of inappropriate products and services, good customer service is necessary to provide a successful company.Make sure you can answer consumer questions in time, provide support and suggestions in order to obtain the trust of consumers and establish a relationship.

Clear return policy

Although most sellers want their consumers to be satisfied, there may still be some returns.Therefore, a clear policy of return and exchange is very important.Make sure you can answer consumer questions and provide timely information.

Avoid violation of local laws and regulations

In the last point, it is important that sellers must ensure that the policies, regulations, and laws of their areas do not restrict them and sell them on EBAY.If you have different opinions, you should explain and inform consumers in sex underwear.In some cases, sellers may need to abide by the current society to avoid being considered illegal or disliked activities.

in conclusion

Understanding eBay’s regulations is very important for selling sexy underwear.By complying with these regulations, sellers can avoid their products from being deleted, prohibited or restricted by accounts, and can establish a good business image and attract more consumers.

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