What are the fun underwear model


As a well -known domestic erotic underwear brand in China, 作为 衣 趣 has always been popular with its high -quality products and excellent brand image.In order to better display products, the brand recruits a batch of sexy and beautiful models every year for underwear display.

Model requirement

The models of 的 衣 趣 need to have the following conditions:

Height requirements are above 1.65 meters;

Keep your weight within the scope of the standard;

Have a good figure and curve;

Have a certain performance experience and the foundation of dance;

With affinity, self -confidence and self -control.

Model selection process

的 Mu’s models of fun underwear are divided into two ways: online and offline.Among them, online selection needs to submit personal information and photos on the official website, and enter offline selection after related screening.

Offline selection is generally divided into three stages: initial interviews, re -examination and training.The interview process mainly examines the basic quality and ability of the model. The retest focuses on the model’s performance and dance ability, and training requires the model to have self -improvement and management ability.

Model image

的 Mu Mu’s model image is mainly sexy, elegant, noble, and confident.They need good temperament and figure, stage expression and performance, which can attract the attention of many audiences and show the charm of underwear products.

Model training

为 衣 趣 Underwear provides systematic training courses for all models, mainly including physical training, dance courses, personal image training and service training.Provide models with necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that they have excellent performance on the stage.

Model work content

的 Mu’s modeling models mainly include underwear display, image promotion and endorsement activities, as well as the image promotion with brand partners.They need to cooperate with brand publicity activities in various occasions to show the brand image.

Model income

的 Mu’s model income depends on her popularity, expressiveness and endorsement activities.Generally speaking, the fledgling model income is relatively low, and the more famous model income will increase accordingly.

Model career prospect

With the gradual acceptance and opening up of modern people’s sex culture, the demand for the sexy underwear market is also getting higher and higher, and the prospects of modeling will also expand.With the improvement of the brand awareness and the expansion of the market share, the models of Mu Mu’s Intellectual Underwear will also have more opportunities to show their talents and charm.


As a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, the model selection and cultivation of Mu Mu’s sexy underwear has always been based on the principles of rigorous responsibility and people -oriented.Each model will be taught in all aspects of training and knowledge, and uses its own talent and charm to become part of the brand image.

At the same time, with the continuous changes in the market, brands will continue to absorb outstanding talents and continuously improve their competitiveness.Therefore, we believe that in the future, Funmu’s fun underwear model will be more energetic and creative.

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