What after wearing sexy underwear

What after wearing sexy underwear

For many women, wearing sexy underwear is a passionate experience, and sometimes it makes them shy and nervous.But after wearing a sexy underwear, what should I do to better enjoy this moment?Below we will share some skills and suggestions for you.

Choose comfortable sexy underwear

When you choose sexy underwear, you must understand your body and size, and it is important to choose a comfortable sexy underwear.If the underwear is too tight or unfjral, it will make you feel uncomfortable, which will affect the entire experience.

Create a self -confidence attitude

Sexy underwear allows you to rise to another level at another level in sexy and gender consciousness, but if you are not confident when wearing sexy underwear, the entire experience may be greatly reduced.Try to relax, eliminate negative thoughts, and show yourself confidently.

Enhance the sensory experience

After wearing sexy underwear, you can use perfume, aromatic candle or add some other sensory stimuli to create a light, sexy and sexy atmosphere.This is also very helpful for enhancing experience and raising sexual desire.

Enjoy visual stimuli

Sex underwear provides you with more opportunities to show your curve and sexy posture.Find a large mirror, look at the sexy underwear on your body, and then try to put on some sexy and seductive pose, and enjoy it yourself.

Gender role -playing

Sexy underwear is a good way to play gender role.Try to wear different styles of sexy underwear to achieve different roles.For example, wearing a Gothic dress can become a sexy vampire; wearing a nurse can become a sexy doctor, and so on.

Consideration of cultural background

It is also important to understand the culture of your own place when choosing a sexy lingerie style.In Western countries, or some sexual open culture, wearing sexy underwear is widely accepted, but in some oriental countries or traditional culture, people may be more cautious.

Different from the differences between the sexy underwear and sex tools

As a sexy and gender -conscious display, sexy underwear is different from sexual tools.Sex underwear does not include a vibrator or other stimulating appliances with obvious sexual behavior, but it only plays a sexy and beautiful dressing effect through shape and material.

Remember, wearing fun underwear in the right place

Of course, it is especially important to wear sexy underwear in a suitable place.If you wear sexy underwear on the workplace or a conservative occasion, it is likely to be evaluated as a lack of judgment and disturbing.

In short, wearing sexy underwear is a way to make you get more fun and improve confidence.When enjoying this moment, understand your needs, choose a comfortable and beautiful sexy underwear, relax yourself, enjoy stimulating music and atmosphere, as well as your sexy and beauty, which is very critical.I hope that the above tips can help you complete a better sexy underwear experience.

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