Welling lingerie expensive brand

Welling lingerie expensive brand

Interest underwear is a kind of aesthetic and practical clothing. In recent years, it has attracted more and more attention from women.In the market, the price of good quality lingerie brands is generally expensive.This article will introduce you to several sexy lingerie brands.

1. Agent Provocateur -The highest -grade sexy underwear brand

Agent Provocateur is a brand specializing in high -end sexy underwear. The founder is British female designer Serna Rees.Her design is known for her sexy, noble, and exquisite, and is in line with the mainstream European aesthetics.The price of the product is between $ 200-2000.The brand has a high reputation and popularity in the fashion circle.

2. La Perla -Italian brand

La Perla is a business that originated in Italy.Founded in 1954, the main features are designed with novel styles and excellent quality. Her underwear style is very rich, and there are sets of sexy clothes and stockings.The pricing is generally between 300 and $ 1,500.Her price is too expensive to make many women stand out.

3. Lise Charmel -French brand

Lise Charmel has been a company focusing on design and production of senior women’s underwear since the 1880s.In Europe, Lise Charmel is synonymous with noble, luxurious, sophisticated craftsmanship.In terms of price, Lise Charmel is usually more than $ 100, and some products even exceed thousands of dollars.

4. Victoria ’s Secret -high -end clothing and underwear brands

Victoria ’s Secret is one of the world’s most well -known underwear brands, and also designed high -end jackets.Her underwear has a high proportion of markets in the United States.In terms of price, her design is more sexy, usually between $ 50 and $ 500, but her sales and topics are very high.

5. Wolford -Know the power to believe in underwear

Wolford is a welfare brand from Austria.Her underwear design style is different, noble, luxurious, and noble.Wolford underwear is usually as high as $ 400 or higher.But firmly believe that the ability of underwear can create a beautiful figure for you.

6. AUBADE -Paris brand

Aubade is one of the most famous sexy underwear brands in Paris.The brand is famous for high-end fabrics, high-quality craftsmanship, and exquisite workmanship. Her underwear is generally $ 150-900.AUBADE underwear also has many supporting high -standard sexy underwear Accessories, which is very suitable for women who want to come all of them.

7. Agent Provocateur -A cheap sexy underwear?

Agent Provocateur is one of the relatively mature underwear brands in recent years. From 11 years, the cheap underwear design of Agent Provocateur has gradually been known to the public.Her price is between $ 50 and $ 200.Although it is called cheap, her price is still not cheap for quality.

8. Frederick ’s of Hollywood

Frederick ’s of Hollywood is also a historic underwear brand with excellent quality.Her design is still well -known based on sexy, enthusiastic, and the price is between $ 50 and $ 250.Not only that, her brand positioning is also very suitable for women of various styles.

This article introduces a brand of sexy lingerie. Their products are expensive, but they also provide a good choice for women who try to find exquisite sexy clothing.Therefore, the most important thing is to choose a brand and feeling that suits you.

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