Weibo sex lingerie advertisement

The status quo of Weibo sex underwear ads

With the development of social media, Weibo has become one of the important channels for enterprises to promote products and brands.As a sexy representative, sexy underwear has also become a major popularity in the market.However, there are some problems in Weibo Intellectual Underwear Advertising.

Advertising content is too exposed

In Weibo’s sexy underwear advertisements, many pictures and video display contents are too exposed, and some even break through the bottom line of laws and regulations may cause adverse effects on minors.

The slogan is too vulgar

Some Weibo sex lingerie advertisements are too vulgar, or use some hinted words, which will give people a uncomfortable feeling.

The advertising channel is not accurate enough

Sex underwear advertisements are targeted at women -based consumer groups, but some Weibo sex underwear advertisements appear on the timeline of male users. This kind of advertising channels are not accurate enough and will waste a lot of promotion resources.

How to improve Weibo sex underwear ads

In order to improve the advertisement of Weibo sex underwear, you need to start from the following aspects:

Improve the threshold for advertising audit

Weibo sex underwear advertisements should be more stringent review, too exposed and vulgar content cannot pass the review.

Targeted advertising push

Advertising push should be more accurate. According to the user’s data analysis, sex underwear advertisements are pushed only to female users with demand to avoid waste of resources.

Create fine content

Weibo’s sexy underwear advertisements should pursue more connotative and aesthetic content, create brand image, optimize copywriting and creativity, so as to better attract consumers’ attention.

Follow the advertising effect

After the Weibo advertisement of Weibo sex underwear, the advertising effect should be analyzed according to the data analysis, the release strategy and advertising form should be adjusted to achieve better advertising effects.


As one of the marketing methods of Weibo sex underwear advertisements, we must pay attention to image construction in order to achieve better promotion effects.At the same time, regulatory authorities should also strengthen management and create a healthy advertising environment.

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