Wearing a sexy underwear, my husband is so enthusiastic

1. Wearing sex underwear can improve interest

Interest underwear has a unique design and material, which can make women’s bodies more sexy and charming, and at the same time, it can also stimulate men’s stronger sexual desire.Putting on sex underwear can add some stimuli and changes to the sexual life between husband and wife, and enhance each other’s taste and sexual desire.

2. Wearing sexy underwear can improve confidence

Putting on sex underwear can make women feel more charming and confident.The design, texture and color of these clothes can make women feel sexy and confident, making them more natural and attractive in bed.This self -confidence can also bring positive impact in other aspects.

3. Wearing a sexy underwear can mobilize the emotion between husband and wife

Putting on sex underwear can not only stimulate men’s sexual desire, but also make women easier to enter the state.This kind of stimulus and changes in the topic can mobilize the emotions between husband and wife, strengthen the feelings between each other, and make sex life better.

4. Wearing sexy underwear can enhance communication between husband and wife

Choosing to wear sexy underwear, which requires common communication and negotiation for both couples.If you can continuously communicate, share and experience, you can enhance the trust and communication between husband and wife.This also helps understand each other’s preferences and needs, and further improves the quality of husband and wife’s sexual life.

5. Wearing sexy underwear can improve the intimacy between couples

Putting on sex underwear can make the sexual behavior between husband and wife more smooth and pleasant.This more intimate behavior and experience can make couples better understand each other, enhance each other’s feelings, and further improve their taste and intimacy.

6. Wearing erotic underwear can enrich sex life

The monotonous of sexual life will gradually decrease the sexual interest between husband and wife, and it is easy to fall into a boring state.Wearing erotic underwear can bring new feelings and colors to sex, increase changes and stimuli.Changing different styles of sexy underwear between husband and wife can also increase freshness and irritation, bringing more possibilities to sexual life.

7. It is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

There are many types of sexy underwear, and different designs, materials, and colors can bring different effects.Women should choose the best results according to their own figure and personality.At the same time, couples must respect and understand each other’s needs and ideas.

8. It is not suitable to wear sexy underwear in unsuitable occasions

Although sexy underwear has a lot of benefits, not all occasions are suitable for putting on.For example, it is not advisable to wear sexy underwear if you participate in formal occasions.In addition, couples must respect each other’s wishes and needs, and do not force the other party to wear a sexy underwear that do not like or feel uncomfortable.

9. Washing erotic underwear needs to be specially careful

The texture and materials of sexy underwear are relatively special, and special attention needs to be paid to washing.Do not clean it directly with the washing machine. It is best to use hand washing and washed with warm water.Avoid friction and pull when cleaning, and at the same time, avoid drying the sun and hot air to avoid damaging the texture and appearance of the clothing.

10. Choosing good quality sexy underwear is important

The quality of erotic underwear has a great impact on wearing experience and service life.Choose good quality underwear brands to avoid buying low -cost and inferior products.At the same time, pay attention to whether the size and material of the underwear are suitable for you, so as not to wear uncomfortable wear.


The design of erotic underwear can bring a lot of benefits and fun.However, you need to be careful in choosing, dressing and maintenance to avoid affecting the effects and life.The most important thing is that husbands and wives must respect and understand each other’s needs and ideas. Do not use sexy underwear as the only stimulus, but should be a useful supplement and promotion in sex life.

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