Wear sexy underwear in the wild


Human nature’s curiosity and exploration desire always let us get out of the comfortable home and find the unknown world.In the wild camping or travel, we always hope that our body and mind can be liberated and experience a different pleasure.And wearing a sexy underwear crossing the wild may be a special challenge and enjoyment.

Basic principles of choosing clothing in the wild

Traveling or camping in the wild, many details need to be paid attention to.In the difficulty of choosing to wear sexy underwear, it is particularly careful.The following are the principles that can be referred to:

Choose a material with good breathability

The mid -field environment is complicated and the climate is changing. Especially for travelers in different places, it is prone to too stuffy and impermented clothing.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose materials that fit the skin and have good breathability to ensure that your body can be well protected.

Fully consider practicality

In the wild, the practicality of clothes is one of the most important considerations.It is necessary to fully consider the comfort and practicality of sexy underwear, and try to combine with field activities as much as possible, and will not bring extra inconvenience to themselves because they are not suitable.At the same time, it is necessary to avoid wearing overly publicity underwear, which may cause unnecessary trouble.

Avoid excessive exposure

Wearing sexy underwear in the wild, you don’t want your private parts to be seen by the outside world.And the exposure of the skin is easy to bring various infections and bites.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, we must avoid excessive exposure and prevent all kinds of unnecessary trouble.

With comfortable shoes

The terrain in the wild is changing, and we need to choose a pair of comfortable shoes to cooperate with our wear.When choosing a sexy underwear, we must also consider this to avoid being too inconvenient to wear, and even cause foot damage.

Choose the style and style suitable for travel

When wearing sexy underwear in the wild, you need to choose the style and style suitable for travel, especially for long -term wear, you need to consider the comfort and convenience of clothes.At the same time, we must follow the local culture and customs, and try to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the locals.

Keep cleaning

Although the ministers in the wild for a long time wearing erotic underwear may bring some stimuli and pleasure, it can also cause various skin problems.Therefore, pay attention to keeping the body and clothing clean and hygiene to avoid accidents.

Choose the scene with caution

Many places in the wild have the rules and restrictions of travel and adventure. When we choose to wear sexy underwear, we must also choose scenes and time carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble to ourselves.

Feeling in sexy underwear in the wild

When wearing a sexy underwear walking in the wild, unlike daily restraint and constraints, we can swipe our body more freely and get an unprecedented relaxation and pleasure.The spiritual feeling of body also helps us to communicate better with nature and feel the power of life keenly.


Although wearing sexy underwear through the wild has certain risks and discomfort, it is also a very special experience.As long as we adhere to the principles suitable for ourselves and abide by local regulations, we can experience a different life in the wild.

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