Wear sexy underwear for ex -boyfriend

Understand the preferences of his ex -boyfriend

Before wearing a fun underwear for his ex -boyfriend, understanding his preferences is crucial.This can ensure that the underwear style you choose can cater to his taste and achieve the expected results.

Choose suitable styles and sizes

When choosing sexy underwear, pay special attention to the size and style.The size selection error affects the beauty and comfort of the underwear. Improper style selection may make the ex -boyfriend feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Pay attention to the detail design of underwear

The details of sexy underwear are very important, which can make underwear more sexy and charming.For example, the use of lace lace, hollow design, and bow decoration can make underwear more distinctive.

Consider comfort and wear experience

The comfort of sexy underwear and wearing experience are equally important.Choose soft and breathable underwear to ensure comfortable wearing, which will not affect the experience and emotions of his ex -boyfriend.

Buy the right accessories

The accessories of sexy underwear can enhance the overall effect and make it easier for ex -boyfriend to be attracted.You can choose some sexy stockings, high heels and other accessories to increase the overall beauty.

dress up

Before wearing a fun underwear for his ex -boyfriend, you can dress carefully.Tume the sexy makeup, sort out neat hairstyles, and match the appropriate clothing to add color to underwear.

Master the correct atmosphere

The wearing of sexy underwear requires the correct atmosphere.You can arrange a warm and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. The lights are soft and the atmosphere is warm, and a good psychological suggestion is established.

Do it at the right time and place

You need to choose the correct time and place for your ex -boyfriend to wear fun underwear to avoid embarrassment and discomfort.You can choose an appropriate time, such as Valentine’s Day, Birthday, etc., choose a comfortable space, such as the bedroom at home.

Pay attention to the creation of foreplay and atmosphere

Before wearing a fun underwear for his ex -boyfriend, paying attention to the creation of foreplay and atmosphere can increase fun and interest.You can try some gentle and intimidating, and build a good emotional foundation.

Viewpoint: Wearing sexy underwear can increase interest and fun

Wearing a fun underwear for ex -boyfriends can not only increase each other’s taste and fun, but also enhance each other’s feelings.Of course, before wearing fun underwear for ex -boyfriends, we must follow some conventional rules and etiquette to ensure each other’s respect and comfort.

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