Wear sex underwear and lover

Wear sex underwear and lover

Sex is no age limit, and sexy underwear is one of the more interesting ways to make it more interesting.If you want to add some freshness and excitement for the sexual life of you and your partner, then you can try sexy underwear.Wearing a fun underwear together can not only make enthusiasm more intense, but also improve the intimacy between each other.Here are some suggestions about wearing fun underwear and lover.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is whether you can feel comfortable with your partner.If your partner doesn’t like to wear high heels, you should not choose some sexy underwear suits with high heels.Secondly, you have to consider your partner’s preference. Whether she likes pink or black, she needs to buy pink and beautiful sexy underwear, or she needs to buy a sexy black underwear.

Try some new tricks

It is important to create some new experiences and wonderful imagination.Through trying some new tricks, such as some fun and lingerie long sleeves are not practical, but it will make your partner feel novel and interesting, and she may be surprised.This can make your relationship closer.

Be confident

Putting on a sexy underwear may make you feel a little shy.However, this is not to make you feel unconfident.On the contrary, you should feel confident.When you feel that you are very beautiful, you will become more confident and easier to enjoy sexual life with others.

Choose sexy underwear suitable for the occasion

If you just spend a relaxed night at home, you can choose some sexy underwear with strong comfort.But if you want to participate in a party or rally, you should choose more luxurious and dazzling clothing.This will make you eye -catching and make your relationship closer.

Respect your partner

Before wearing a sexy underwear, you should listen to your partner’s opinion.If she doesn’t like certain clothing, you should not wear them.Putting on sexy underwear is to make your sex life more interesting, not to be a passive person who is a private possession for yourself.

Find inspiration

If you don’t have an idea, you can find inspiration on some sexual health magazines or websites.There are a lot of resources here, which allows you to find new ideas suitable for you.You may learn some matching skills about appearance and accessories from the pictures, which will greatly improve your sexual interest.

Communicate with your partner

Remember, it is important to communicate with your partner.She knows what kind of erotic underwear she likes, and she knows what positions she is more sensitive.Ask her how to wear it to ensure that both of you are comfortable.

Enjoy the process

The most important thing is to enjoy this process.Don’t worry too much, don’t be too anxious.You are still yourself after you wear sexy underwear, you can enjoy this beautiful experience with your partner.


Wearing erotic underwear and lover is a good way to increase the intimacy between you.Remember, both of you must be comfortable and respect each other.Choose the right sexy underwear and occasions and enjoy this process. You will definitely live a pleasant.

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