Wear hip skirts, sexy lingerie cheongsam tuning av

The sexy lingerie style you need to understand before wearing a hip skirt

As a fashionable choice for fashion wearing, hip skirts need to be paired with suitable sexy underwear to present a beautiful proportion. Here are some of the necessary styles:

1. T -shaped underwear: Wrapped the plump buttocks, and the T -shaped underwear that highlights the hip line is an excellent choice, especially for ladies wearing hip skirts or tights.

2. Sexy bra: bra is a must -have with sexy underwear. Sexy lace and lace bra can increase sexy atmosphere.

3. Disadon: In addition to buying underwear, have sufficient courage. Through plaster, GNB will be an excellent choice in your mind. This will not bother your underwear. It is also many ladies. It is also many ladies.The first choice.

Choose the right sexy underwear color

In addition to the choice of style, the color of the underwear is also very important.Here are some of the colors needed for you hip skirts:

1. Black: Black is the representative color of sexy and fashionable, which can be applied to any type or style of hip skirt.

2. Red: Red represents enthusiasm and romance. It is a very good color choice that is suitable for Valentine’s Day or romantic date.

3. Pink: Pink is usually the option to take a cute or gorgeous route, making women feel delicate and full of girls, and it is very suitable for matching hip skirts.

Cheongsam with erotic lingerie tricks

Cheongsam is a very traditional female clothing that needs to be matched with suitable sexy underwear when wearing cheongsam.

1. Back -back sex underwear: The open -back sexy underwear is particularly suitable for cheongsam style, which can easily show charming back lines.

2. Saton erotic underwear: The erotic underwear made with satin material has the style of Wu Zetian, which is more harmoniously consistent with the style of the cheongsam.

3. Three -dimensional sexy underwear: The sexy lingerie with three -dimensional tailoring can make the chest more three -dimensional, plump, and more natural, and it is very suitable for wearing cheongsam.

Sexy underwear with the mystery of a hip skirt

What women in a hip skirt need to know is that sexy underwear can help these women have a more perfect figure and confident appearance.Here are some sexy underwear styles with hip skirts:

1. Half cup underwear: Half -cup lingerie highlights the curve of the upper part, showing a perfect figure.

2. Silk net underwear: Silk net underwear with transparency and fit can add more sexy feeling.

3. Hollow underwear: It presents a romantic atmosphere through the hollow design, and it is also a very option with a very pair of hip skirts.

How to match the bra and the hip hip skirt

The bras are the underwear required for women. It needs to be balanced with a hip skirt. Here are some skills to match the bras and hip skirts:

1. Small V -neck bra. It is suitable for the hip skirt with a V -type neckline or a dress with a deep V -neckline.

2. Shoulder strap underwear: The bras with the design of the shoulder -free strap can make women show beautiful shoulder and neck lines, which is very suitable for wearing tight clothes or long skirts.

3. Dig back underwear: With the hip skirt of the back, the digging underwear has a very good matching effect, which can show the charming back lines.

How to cooperate with skin tone to choose sexy underwear

Different skin tones need to be paired with different sexy underwear colors. Natural skin color needs to choose warm color underwear. Dark skin can choose bright colors.

1. Light skin color: light skin tone can choose white, purple, and other bright colors to match with sexy underwear.

2. Café Noir skin color: Dark -colored skin needs to choose bright colors to match sexy underwear, such as red, blue and so on.

3. Black skin tone: Black skin can choose warm underwear such as white, silver, gold, etc.

Details of fun underwear that should be paid attention to before wearing a hip skirt

In order to better match the hip skirt, the following are some details that need to be paid attention to:

1. Blogenic tricks: The underwear that covering the belly is a very necessary choice that makes your waist look more slender.

2. Push -pushing skills: In addition to choosing a half -cover cup of underwear to present a full upper part, you can also choose cooling underwear to present more charm.

3. Avoid glowing: When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to whether it has a design that prevents glowing.

A better way to wear and sexy underwear

The cooperation with underwear is complementary. You need to pay attention to the cooperation between the two. The fabrics, styles, colors, texture, etc. need to be carefully considered.

1. Selection of fabrics: The choice of fabrics can be selected according to the season and matching clothes, and also pay attention to the problem of transparency.

2. Matching: The style of sexy lingerie needs to be matched with the style of the hip skirt, so that you will present a wonderful effect as a whole.

3. Color choice: The choice of color needs to be matched with skin color, clothes color, occasion and mood, follow the principle of cooperation.

The relationship between hip skirts, sexy underwear and AV

Hip skirts, sexy underwear and AV are three different concepts. It is precisely because of the independence of their three that we can get the best enjoyment in visual and sensual.

A personalized hip skirt, with a quality of sexy underwear, is a feeling that many women who have never experienced have been pursuing.

AV is a very special media. Although it contains hip skirts and sexy underwear, its experience is far from beyond the actual practical experience. ThereforeOnly to get the best results.

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