Victoria’s Angel wears fun underwear pictures

The focus of the fashion circle

Every year, the hope of Victoria’s Secret Show can always bring us a refreshing enjoyment.Among them, the most noticeable is the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s sexy underwear wearing the models.Let’s take a look at what sexy underwear wearing these sexy angels.

Sexy lace model

Whether in private or on the stage, lace is an indispensable element in sexy underwear.Victoria’s Secret Angel’s erotic underwear is no exception.Some of these lace styles even contain metal decoration, making sexy underwear more fashionable and modern.

Sexy silk model

Compared to lace models, silk sexy lingerie is more elegant, but it is also sexy and charming.The delicate texture, comfortable feel, and simple design are one of the important reasons for these angels to choose this style.

Sexy transparent model

For those models that are more willing to show their sexy figure, transparent sexy underwear is a good choice.Light tulle and exquisite lace will make your body even more embarrassing.Victoria’s Angels are wearing transparent sexy underwear on the show. This is indeed bravely showing their fashion attitude.

Sexy black model

Black is always a representative of sexy and mysterious.Therefore, black sexy underwear is also an eternal classic.In the Victoria’s Secret Show, many angels will choose to show their sexy black sex underwear. Different designs and stitching also make black color erotic underwear richer and diverse.

Sexy red model

Red is another eternal color of sexy underwear, representing enthusiasm and romance.Victoria’s Angels like to choose red sexy underwear at a special moment, such as Valentine’s Day.Red -colored underwear is not just ordinary beauty, it represents passion and beautiful memories.

Sexy small vest

Compared to the traditional hook -type sexy underwear, small vest sexy underwear is more convenient to wear and take off, and it is also sexy.Victoria’s Angels often wear this style because it is lighter, comfortable, and fashionable, which can make their figures more outstanding.

Sexy hook models

With a hook -type erotic underwear is a relatively novel style because it uses a structural design like a dress.After this sexy underwear is tied to the back, you can adjust the appropriate length and match different accessories, such as waist chain and necklace.This sexy lingerie style shows the characteristics of personality and fashion.

Sexy bouquet

Better -bodied sexy underwear is very plastic, which allows you to create the most perfect figure.Victoria’s Angels often appear in front of the camera wearing this sexy underwear because it can make their figures more perfect and charming.

Sexy embellishment model

Sometimes adding some decorative effects to sex underwear can make the entire style fresher and fashionable.For example, some fun underwear and decorations such as bow, silk flowers, and tassel can add more attractiveness to your overall shape.This decorative style of sexy underwear is also a kind of beloved by Victoria’s Secret Angels.

in conclusion

As an important part of the fashion industry, sexy underwear has been fully displayed and promoted on the Victoria’s Secret Show.Whether you like traditional styles or fashion trends, you can always find a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Because erotic underwear not only makes you feel sexy charm and fashion, but also allows you to know and pay more attention to your physical health and comfort.

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