Very absolutely the name of the sexy underwear shop

Very absolutely the name of the sexy underwear shop


In the field of sexy underwear not only requires fashion and personality, but also a wonderful feeling.The name of a very interesting underwear shop can greatly increase the brand’s popularity and influence.The following will recommend some very good -looking lingerie shop names, which may help you better run the sexy lingerie career.


First of all, we need to clarify what types of sexy underwear shop names need to be named.From the perspective of the public, the name of sexy underwear may come from culture, functions, shapes, colors, etc., such as "bow", "Feng Yun", "sexy and drunk".


The name of the sexy underwear store of the letters is also very popular. These store names have impressed the success and promoted the success of local brands.For example, "MIMI" and "Lulu" have attracted many customers.

Innovation and humor

In sex underwear, it creates a very attractive name. This name is composed of some unexpected words and symbols.For example, innovative naming such as "!? Zen", "& Me" can express the sexual interest of underwear, which is also very interesting and increases the brand’s favorability.

Unique vocabulary

Unique vocabulary is one of the sources of most sexy underwear store names. These unique vocabulary can be slogans or the manifestation of brand concepts, such as "new elegance" and "Taohuatan water".


Double -band language is one of the names of creative sexy underwear shops. The meaning of the two different directions is merged together, giving people a sense of mystery and romance.Essence

Easy and elegant

When giving a name for erotic underwear, you can consider bringing relaxed and elegant elements into it to produce a beautiful association between the brand and the customer.For example, the names such as "Xin Blowing Film" and "Skirts" reflect the relaxation and elegance, which makes customers feel good and love.


A strong descriptive name has great attraction, which can show the brand image clearly.For example, the name of the store such as "Meilin Belly" gives people sexy and dynamic.

Poetic and romance

The poetic and romantic elements used in the name of the sexy underwear shop interpret the main characteristics of sexy underwear.Through this naming method, a romantic atmosphere is formed between the brand and the customer.For example, "Strawberry Summer", "Pure Lei" and so on.

All kinds of names

Finally, the names of the sex lingerie store can also be connected in various naming methods. It can be a letter combination, innovation and humor, relaxation and elegance, or other ways. While ensuring the uniqueness of the brand, through different naming methods,Real the effect of brand promotion.


The name of a very eroded underwear shop is the inheritance of brand culture, and it also brings more attention and traffic to the brand.Brand owners can consider a combination of various ways to create a real sexy underwear store name that is in line with the brand connotation to create a brand that truly guides the trend and occupy more advantageous locations in the market.

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