Uncensored Beautiful Breast Innerwear Works

The first group: understand the codeless beauty of the breasts and the underwear

Uncensored beautiful breasts are a kind of sexy underwear that is popular in Europe and the United States. The main feature of this underwear is that there is no dividing line of left and right breast cups, which can significantly improve the overall sexy effect of the chest.This underwear is usually composed of a soft triangle cup and a ribbon between two cups.Below, let’s understand its design principles.

Second group: design principle

The design principle of the Uncensored Beauty Performance Underwear can be summarized as three points:

Using a soft triangle cup, the material is soft and comfortable, which can perfectly fit the chest without the dividing line of the chest cup, so that the chest shows a natural and smooth curve.

The two cups are connected with a ribbon to achieve the best chest gathering effect by adjusting the length and looseness of the ribbon.

The design of some uncoded beautiful breast underwear also adopts a protruding method, so that the chest is concentrated from the inside to the central government to achieve a better breast effect.

The third group: suitable for the crowd

There are the following categories of non -code beautiful breast underwear:

There are not large breasts, and people who need to strengthen the overall sexy through underwear.

The chest part is scattered and those who need to be gathered.

People who need to participate in important occasions such as party, cosplay, wedding.

Fourth group: How to wear

The method of wearing uncoded beauty underwear is slightly different from ordinary underwear. You need to pay attention to the following points:

Wrap the bra from behind and put the two cups in the chest.

Adjust the length of the chest strap so that the back part is hung on the parallel line. The position of the front chest should be in the appropriate position.

Finally, by adjusting the fastening position on the strap and the length of the ribbon between the two cups to achieve the best integrated sexy effect.

Fifth group: problems and solutions

Uncensored beautiful breast underwear may encounter the following problems during wearing:

Drooping of the chest: You can adjust the length of the ribbon, adjust the length of the strap, and the chest is improved upwards.

A three -dimensional sense of the chest: the length and looseness of the strap can be adjusted to make the overall form of the chest more obvious.

Feeling tight and uncomfortable: You can relax the length and looseness of the strap in proper to increase comfort.

Sixth group: buying skills of uncoded beautiful breast underwear

How to buy a Urban Urban Underwear that is suitable for you?You need to pay attention to the following points:

Try to choose the right size to avoid being loose or too loose.

Choose the soft, comfortable, and highly elastic uncoded beautiful breast underwear, which can better fit the chest.

According to your own needs, choose the appropriate chest shape and clustering degree.

The seventh group: the maintenance method of uncle -coded beautiful breast underwear

How to maintain your own coded beautiful breast underwear?The following points need to be paid attention to:

It is best to wash it in hand, and do not use soap or cleaner.

After washing underwear, it should be dried naturally to avoid deformation or damage to the material of the underwear.

Do not directly expose the underwear to avoid losing elasticity or deformation of the underwear.

Eighth group: combination of uncle -coded beautiful breast underwear

You can consider the following points for the combination of uncle -coded beautiful breast underwear:

Wearing it with low -cut or off -back clothes can increase the sexyness of the overall clothes.

Mix and match with simple classic underwear to make the overall shape richer and more varied.

Follow the European and American style, choose a personalized accessory that suits you to strengthen the overall sexy style.


Uncensored beautiful breasts, as a fashionable, sexy, very popular underwear, suitable for wearing on various occasions.Choose the appropriate style, size and accessories according to your own needs, figure and wear occasions, and you can experience the best comfort and fashion sexy.

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