Type -see -out sexy underwear online


Interest underwear is a sexy and adventurous underwear that is designed different from traditional underwear.The style, color and material of these underwear are usually different from traditional underwear.Among them, tulle transliteration of sexy underwear is one of the most popular.


The material of the tulle through the sexy underwear is usually tulle or transparent fabric, such as lace, silk, fiber and polyester.These materials are often very soft and sometimes even shiny.They can fit the body well and make people feel comfortable, but they can also make a striking design to the curve of the body.


The design of tulle translucent lingerie is usually naked and transparent.Some styles have teasing holes and transparent areas, while others are completely naked.These underwear can also be equipped with lace edges, embroidery, ribbons, joints, beads, leather and other decorations to increase their attractiveness and present a chic style.


The patterns and designs commonly used in sexy underwear include flowers, lace, embellishment, embroidery and printing.They are often matched with classic colors such as red, black, pink and white to create a seductive and attractive visual effect.


The comfort of tulle translucent sexy underwear is usually a problem.These underwear fabrics are thin, transparent, and sexy, which means that wearing them may have a tight feeling.Some people may find that wearing these underwear is a bit uncomfortable, and others will not feel this at all.


The price of tulle translucent lingerie will be different due to manufacturers, design, materials and other factors.They are often more expensive than traditional underwear, but this is also easy to understand, because they are designed with sexy and adventure. Compared with traditional underwear, they need to spend more time and cost to make.

Suitable occasion

Type -see -out sexy underwear is not suitable for all occasions.For example, when you want to participate in formal activities, you need to wear formal clothing, these underwear are inappropriate.However, when you and your partner are at home, or you want to show some sexy and adventurous side, these underwear is a perfect choice.

How to choose the right size

The size of a tulle translucent sexy underwear is usually the same as that of ordinary underwear.However, because these underwear often includes many lace, holes and other decorations, they must buy personal designs as much as possible when buying to ensure that they feel comfortable and meet the body proportion.If you are not sure of your size, you can try it on first and then decide whether to buy it.

Maintenance and cleanliness

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy lingerie needs to be more careful.It is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid the use of bleach and dryer to maintain the quality and color of the underwear.


Type -see -out sexy underwear is a sexy and adventurous underwear that allows you to open up and show your other side.When choosing and wearing these underwear, make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed, and realize that not all occasions are suitable for this underwear.

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