Tune sexy underwear wife


Tuning erotic underwear wife is a very popular sexual gameplay.By buying appropriate sexy underwear and proper sex skills, your wife can relax, more sensitive and enjoyable in sex.Here are some practical skills about training sexy underwear and wife for your reference.

Choose the material of sexy underwear

It is very important to choose the appropriate sexy underwear material. Different materials will have a different impact on the sexyness of Sao’s wife.For example, the materials such as stockings, lace and mesh can make Sao wife feel a certain stimulus and increase her sex experience.However, if her skin is more sensitive, the sexy underwear of high -quality cotton or silk material may be more suitable.

Choose the right style

The style of sexy underwear is also very important. It is best to choose different styles according to the body and body of your wife.For example, the vest -style sexy underwear is suitable for her breasts that are not very full of breasts, while the shoulder straps and lace lace type are suitable for a slightly plump wife.

Make -up and hairstyle combination

The matching of sexy underwear also needs to consider makeup and hairstyle.For example, net dresses and black stockings with red lip gloss and bold hairstyles will make your wife more sexy and enchanting.However, the pretty fancy makeup or shape will make the whole sex process too cumbersome and unnatural. It is recommended that it is mainly simple and generous.

Cooperate with appropriate sex products

Interesting supplies are also one of the important tools for tuning their wives.Especially according to different situations, with different erotic supplies, you can let your wife experience different sexual pleasure.For example, aircraft cups, jumping eggs, vibration rods, etc. are all good sex products.However, when choosing sex products, pay attention to quality and safety to avoid unnecessary consequences.

Correct sexual technique

With suitable sexy underwear and sex products, the correct sex skills are also very important.For example, a variety of techniques such as oral sex, milk sex, vaginal insertion, and other techniques can inspire Sao’s wife’s interest in sex.However, pay attention to regulating the rhythm and strength, do not excessively force, avoid physical harm to the wife.

Balanced changes and keep stable

Sex is a dynamic process. It is very important to change and maintain stability.When tuning his wife, while pursuing stimuli, you must also maintain stability and tenderness.Don’t change too much, and don’t become too boring.The appropriate amount of stimulus and gentle care is the key to tuning his wife.

Keep interaction and communication

Tuning Sao’s wife is a process of interaction between the two sides.Throughout the training process, we must maintain interaction and communication, timely understand the feelings and reactions of Sao’s wife, adjust their actions and rhythms, so that the whole sex process is more pleasant and interesting.

Pay attention to personal hygiene and health care

Throughout the process, pay attention to personal hygiene and health care.Especially when using sex products or sexual intercourse activities, we must pay attention to cleaning and hygiene to avoid the breeding of bacteria and cause damage to yourself and the other party.

Pay attention to details and manners

Paying attention to details and manners is also an important aspect of tuning his wife.For example, throughout the process of tuning, through warm language and meticulous actions, Sao’s wife can be more caring and cared for.The attention of details and the manner of the body can make the whole sex process more sublimated and beautiful.


In summary, tuning sexy underwear wife is a very interesting and exciting sex gameplay.Throughout the process, you need to pay attention to the details and aspects of all aspects to create a more comfortable and interesting sex experience.I believe that under the correct guidance, your wife will definitely become your loyal fans and indispensable partners.

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