Transparent sexy underwear video selfie

Transparent sexy underwear video selfie

Interest underwear has many different styles and designs, and transparent sexy underwear is more popular.This underwear has special materials, which allows people to see the curve and skin of the body, which increases sexuality.And selfie videos are a way of love for modern people, and people can share their lives and preferences.This article will introduce some matters and precautions of transparent sexy underwear video selfies, so that you can better show your sexy beauty.

Choose transparent sexy sheets

There are many types of transparent sexy underwear, such as lace transparent sexy underwear, net yarn transparent sexy underwear, transparent body sexy underwear, and so on.It is important to choose a style that suits you.You must choose the suitable size and shape according to your own body shape so that you can show the best state.

Choose the right camera

To shoot transparent sexy underwear videos requires a suitable camera, it can shoot high -quality videos and capture clear details.When selecting a camera, you can consider the resolution of the camera, the quality of the camera, the stability, and the comfort of the handheld.Make sure you shoot from different angles to show the appropriate picture.

Creatively shooting video

Video of transparent sexy underwear requires some creativity.You can change the angle of shooting, highlight the charm of different parts, and show your style.The perspective of trying to cross the lens can even jump or rotate during the shooting process, creating a huge interesting manifestation.Through good light, lace, professional static photography and other methods, the video makes the video more beautiful.

Increase small details

In order to make sexy underwear videos more real and full of life, you can add some small details.For example, increase the shaking of the lens, or add some elements about life, such as smoking and drinking.However, pay attention to your behavior and avoid excessive exposure.

Spare underwear

Transparent erotic underwear is a relatively sensitive clothing, which is easy to cut or penetrate.Therefore, it is recommended to prepare spare sex underwear before shooting the video to prevent accidents.During the shooting process, you must be careful to avoid unnecessary losses.

Follow your own style

One of the goals of transparent sexy underwear selfie video is to show your sexy beauty, but pay attention to your style.Don’t follow the excessive exposure and vulgar style, which may affect your image.On the contrary, a better way is to show their own personality and charm, making people feel appreciated and retaining a mystery.

Share video

Share your transparent sexy underwear video is a good way to promote social networks. On many platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can share your videos to improve your impact.You can also build a personal website to make your work artistic release, and you can accept the attention and feedback from fans on the website.


Transparent sexy underwear video selfies need to be carefully considered. Choose appropriate materials, cameras, angles and creativity to create high -quality videos for the audience.In this process, pay attention to protecting your own image and privacy, and he is well -dressed at any time.Finally, share your work, show your talents, and win greater fans and success.

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