Top Ten Sex Lingerie Brands Ranking

Top Ten Sex Lingerie Brands Ranking

1. Victoria’s Secret

When it comes to sexy underwear, Victoria’s Secret is likely to be the first brand that people can think of.Its sexy, luxurious and noble brand image makes it a leader in the market.

Victoria’s Secret has many sexy underwear series with many different styles. From soft lace to sexy small vests, it is a popular choice.Its quality and comfort are also overwhelmed by other brands.

2. Agent Provocateur

This London brand is famous for its high -end sexy lingerie series.The style of Agent Provocateur is both sexy, elegant and noble. Its brand image is similar to Victoria’s Secret, but pursues unique and amazing designs.

Agent Provocateur has a variety of series, and each series has its own style, including sexy cups, slim models and super luxurious jewelry models.All clothing is made by hand, exquisite details and unique materials focus on the favor of Agent Provocateur.

3. La Perla

The LA Perla brand from Italy was founded in 1954.It is famous for its high -end, comfortable and elegant sexy lingerie series.

La Perla focuses on the design of details in the design of sexy underwear. Its style is not only very sexy, charming, gentle, elegant, noble, and fresh literature is also the characteristic of La Perla underwear.

4. Bluebella

This is a small brand from the UK. It combines sexy and modern elements, and has launched adult toys and various sexy underwear.Bluebella focuses on the design concept of avant -garde, sexy and exploring spirit.

Bluebella’s sexy lingerie style is very trendy. Pay attention to detailed design and color matching, showing a high -quality and simple style of high quality.

5. Nox Anabel

NOX Anabel is a newly interesting underwear brand from France. The brand’s design style is intuitive, simple, and small and fresh. This is a factor that brand highlights in the fierce market competition.

NOX Anabel’s sexy lingerie style mainly covers some styles such as lace, hood, waist models, etc. The clothing shows the characteristics of the brand’s elegance, exquisite, perfect, elegance and other characteristics.

6. Honey Birdette

This is an Australian brand that is loved by consumers with its high -end sexy lingerie series, strange design, sexy styles and luxurious brand images.

Honey Birdette’s sexy lingerie has a variety of styles, from conventional bra and briefs to body trousers and dresses needed to celebrate the occasion.Its luxurious image and excellent quality make Honey Birdette one of the leaders of global sexy underwear brands.

7. Frederick’s of Hollywood

This is one of the old -fashioned sex lingerie brands, which was established in 1947.Its sexy lingerie style takes both sexy, luxurious and charming, especially suitable for women who want to show self -confidence and pursue colorful.

Frederick’s of Hollywood’s sexy underwear series covers a variety of classic styles, from pink lace, metal change and low collar design.Brands have been seeking new ways to create feminine underwear.

8. Wolf & Whistle

This British brand is famous in the market with its high -quality, sexy and elegant design.Wolf & Whistle’s style is known for focusing on the choice and matching of art and color.

Wolf & Whistle’s sexy underwear series covers a variety of different styles, from luxurious lace, chain, gorgeous gem to retro printing, and so on.Brands pay attention to details and handmade, especially the finishing touch, which makes consumers very satisfied with it.


Wonder Bra is one of the leaders in various daily underwear and sexy underwear.The design of Wonder Bra underwear focuses on providing comfortable and reliable support, so that every woman can show the perfect figure.

Wonder Bra’s sexy lingerie styles include bra, jumpsuit, bodies, and various small decorations.The brand pays great attention to details, emphasizes material selection and high quality, and meets the needs of women to the greatest extent.


Rihanna’s creative brand Savage X Fenty is a new sexy underwear brand, with bold and sexy style, especially suitable for women who want to show self -confidence and fearless attitude.

Savage X FENTY’s sexy lingerie style takes into account the retro and modern elements, creating a perfect fusion color, design and comfortable underwear.The brand focuses on creating a style suitable for a variety of different figures, and every woman can find the one that suits them.

in conclusion

It is a very private thing to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, but these top ten brands provide a lot of basic information about the style, quality, comfort and material selection of sexy underwear.With these, when buying sexy underwear, you can have a better start point to choose the one that suits you.

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