Three -point sexy underwear girl atlas

Three -point sexy underwear girl atlas

The three -point sex underwear girl atlas is a sexy underwear design, which is suitable for couples to play and open sexual life.Today, we will discuss the different styles of this underwear and how to wear them the best to ensure appearance and comfort.

Style 1: bra

The focus of this underwear is the bra. It has only three thin slices, including two cups and one suspender, respectively.The shape and size of the modern three -point underwear bra are equipped with different types of buttons and suspenders.It is very important to choose a size suitable for you to ensure the maximum sexy and comfort of the chest.

Style two: thong

Another point of the three -point underwear is thongs. It is theoretically perfect triangular shape. There is only a thin band connecting the entire front and back.Sometimes there are thin mesh coverage.Although it looks a little uncomfortable, the correct size and design can still make you feel comfortable and sexy.

Style three: open crotch underwear

Another optional three -point underwear is open crotch panties. This is a small triangle pants with small triangles before and after, and there is a opening in the middle.This underwear is usually used for more open sexual life, because it allows direct sexual contact without having to completely take off underwear.

Style 4: linen rope

The linen rope is another key component of the three -point underwear, which is freely surrounded by thin rope to increase sexuality and interest.The linen rope is usually composed of soft satin and adjustable metal rings to help achieve the best personalization.

Style 5: accessories

In addition to three key components, three -point sexy underwear can also be matched with various accessories, such as lace lace, beads, flashing thin bands, etc., to enhance sexy and personalized style.

How to wear three -point sexy underwear

The first consideration is the size, carefully read the product description and correctly measures its body size.Secondly, consider your comfort and wear time.Wearing three -point underwear for a long time may make you feel uncomfortable, so always ensure that comfort is preferred.

What you should pay attention to before using three -point erotic underwear

If you never wear three -point sexy underwear, make sure you understand and master it.Please do not try it on and practice it before using it in sex, and consider the personal boundary between you and your partner.

The advantages and disadvantages of three -point sex lingerie

The advantage is that it allows you to try more sex toys and games with your partner.Using different materials, colors, styles and accessories can meet your personalized needs, while adding sexy, stimuli and fun.The disadvantages include slightly uncomfortable, and require correct size and correct wearing skills.

How to maintain three -point sexy underwear

It is very important to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness. You can use warm water and mild detergent. If you need to use a washing machine, make sure to use your hand washing function.It is best not to use hot water and bleach.It is best to dry and put it in a cool and dry place, do not use the dryer.

The development trend of three -point sexy underwear

With the changes in culture and society, three -point sexy underwear is also constantly developing.Some more fashionable designs first appear in the fashion industry, and then spread to the sex underwear market.In the future, we can look forward to more personalized design, intelligent technology and more comfortable underwear.


Three -point sexy underwear can be a good way to stimulate fun, explore love and increase personalized style.However, you should still give priority to your comfort and personal preferences, and to handle your relationship between yourself and your partner.

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