Those places need more sex underwear to need more

Those places need more sex underwear to need more

When it comes to sexy underwear, people usually think of sexy and teasing, but in fact, sexy underwear has different functions.With the change of people’s mentality and the improvement of sexual opening, more and more people are beginning to use sexy underwear.This article will introduce to those places that need to be sexy underwear and discuss why.

1. private part

First of all, private parts are the most common places to use sexy underwear, including around the private parts and below.There are many different types of sexy underwear aiming to increase stimuli and happiness, such as vibers, lubricants, and other stimulants.When choosing a sexy underwear, make sure to choose the style and material suitable for private parts.

Two, chest

The second main application of sexy underwear is the chest.Many women feel more confident, more sexy, and sometimes feel more at ease after wearing sexy underwear.There are many different designs and shapes in sexy underwear, including bras with filling cups, naked back bras, off -shoulder bras and corsets, etc., which can meet the needs of different figures.

Third, waist

Sex underwear can also be used in the waist.Interest underwear such as waist bands, belts and waist chains can increase the touch of the waist.In addition, these accessories can make the entire body look more sexy and more attractive.

Four, hip

Sex underwear can also be used to emphasize the hip lines and increase the beauty of women’s curve.Many underwear and hot pants have special designs to improve the irritation and sexuality of the hips.

Five, thighs

The area between the thighs also needs sexy underwear to increase the fun and stimulus of sex.The vibrator and other erotic underwear can be used to stimulate this area, increase the freshness of sex, and make the entire experience more pleasant.

Six, wrist and ankle

Wells and ankles can also use sexy underwear.Interesting underwear such as handcuffs, small feet rings and leather or fur’s ankle chain can enhance your partner to improve the stimulus and happiness, and increase the freshness and irritation of sex.

Seven, earrings and barriers

Sex underwear can also be extended to other accessories, such as lace earrings, necklaces and bracelets.These accessories can be used to increase sexy and irritating, and pull the distance between couples.

8. Bathroom

Interest underwear can also be used in the bathroom to improve sexual experience.For example, shower gel and massage oil can increase the sexy feeling, and at the same time, sex underwear can also achieve the same effect during the shower.

In short, when choosing sexy underwear, you should choose different types and styles according to the specific situation.The use of sexy underwear can increase interest and stimulus, thereby increasing the happiness of sex and leaving beautiful memories.

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