The story of the sex underwear photographer South Korea

Green Start

I am a messy underwear photographer, and my career is not smooth.Before I became a professional photographer, I was arranged by the company at a family entertainment center as a photographer to shoot some fools.These photos did not stimulate my interest, I long for greater challenges.Occasionally, I met a sexy model, taking pictures of her sexy underwear, which made me have a strong interest in sexy underwear.

Enter sex underwear photography industry

Because of my love of sexy underwear, I started to develop in the photography industry.Not only did I take many models of sexy underwear, but I also started trying different shooting styles and skills.Gradually, I am leading in the field of sex underwear photography.In order to better understand the design and materials of love underwear, I even went to South Korea for inspection.

Revelation of a trip to Korea

In South Korea, I found many new sexy lingerie styles and designs.I can feel South Korea’s enthusiasm and dedication to the design of sexy underwear. Here I have learned a lot of knowledge about brands, aesthetics and culture, and met many like -minded industry partners.

Improvement of photography skills

I urgently want to improve my erotic underwear photography skills.In my career, I have used many different cameras and lenses, as well as various post -production technology.Through the continuous learning and training of these technologies, my photography skills are continuously improved, so that I can take more beautiful and artistic photos.

Choose the right model

In addition to technology, models are also key elements to take sexy underwear photos.When I take photos of sexy underwear, I always choose models with good body, sexy and charm.But I also realize that the design of sexy underwear is not only suitable for good models, but also suitable for people with different figures.

Understand the philosophy of sexy underwear design

I deeply studied the philosophy of sexy underwear design.In my opinion, the design of sexy underwear should be about freedom, clear, confident and sexy.Sexy underwear is a positive special clothing that allows people wearing it to feel beautiful and powerful, so when I take photos of sexy underwear, I will always try to find some models that are consistent with brand philosophy to ensure that the photos taken are possessing.Artistic and meaning.

Balance of market demand and brand value

When we talk about the design of sexy underwear, in addition to paying attention to the brand’s philosophy and culture, we need to pay attention to market demand.Change of market changes will affect the formulation of brand strategy and the shape of the brand image.In my career, I have always worked hard to balance brand value and market demand to ensure that the sustainable brand development of the brand in fierce market competition.

Excellent sexy underwear photographer’s characteristics

As an excellent erotic underwear photographer, you must have a good aesthetic taste and photography skills.At the same time, photographers also need to understand the culture and significance of love underwear brands to create the shooting content that can attract consumers’ attention.Sex underwear photographers should have a keen market awareness and can master new technologies and trends.


As a sex underwear photographer, I have been pursuing innovation and technical breakthroughs.In the field of sexy underwear photography, I found my own value.When I see my work can make people feel confident, beautiful, and charm, my story is successful.

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