The story of kidnapping wearing fun underwear

The story of kidnapping wearing fun underwear

One night, the young Nina wore her favorite red sexy underwear to enjoy music at home.Suddenly, she heard the doorbell rang, and she thought that it might be her roommate returned, so she walked over to open the door.However, her roommate didn’t return, and she was surprised and a little scared.

Fear of being kidnapped

Nina heard footsteps, and a strange man came in.The man spoke to her, but because of the voice variant, she couldn’t hear the voice of the man’s speech at all, which made her very scared.The man grabbed her arm and tied her up, and Nina realized that she was abducted.

The embarrassment of wearing a sexy underwear

During her abduction, the man found her sexy underwear.Nina was very embarrassed and shameful because she always felt that it was her own personal thing.However, the man did not seem to lose interest.

Sexuality and Emotional Injury’s attractiveness

Wearing erotic underwear may make some people feel very sexy, which is why many women and men like to wear them.These underwear make people feel bolder and more confident, and they are more relaxed in emotion and body.

The threat of the harsh environment

Nina was locked in a dark, humid, dirty room without enough food and water.The fear of her abduction and her physical insecurity continued to intensify, making her feel very frustrated and panic.

Escape attempt

Nina kept trying to break the ropes.She realized that whenever she wanted to move her body, she felt extremely painful.She finally successfully broke the rope in the night, but she found that she couldn’t run because her spirit and body had been crushed.


Fortunately, a dog discovered her and brought some people to save her.She was taken to the hospital for treatment and received relevant psychotherapy to help her cope with this abused experience.

profound impact

Nina’s family and friends knew her encounter, and their care and support gradually recovered her.However, this experience left her unable to wear an indelible shadow, and she was deeply engraved with traces.


Interesting underwear is understandable. They are a way to discover their own beautiful postures, but we should realize that when wearing sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the safety of the environment.We should not ignore possible danger, so if abnormalities occur, we should take safety measures in time.

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