The sexy underwear you made

Preparation before doing sex underwear by yourself

Before making sexy underwear, you need to make the following preparations.

Select fabric: choose comfortable, breathable, soft, elastic fabrics, such as lace, silk, cotton, etc.

Purchasing equipment: purchasing equipment such as yarn, shuttle weft, chest pads, connectors and other equipment for you.

Select style: According to your own body, choose the style suitable for you, consider practicality and beauty.

Learn related knowledge: Learn the production process and sewing skills of the selected style.

The process of making sexy underwear

The process of making sexy underwear can be summarized as the following steps:

Make underwear cups: First make a cup of underwear, choose the right chest pad, and cut the shape of two underwear cups on the fabric.

Sewing cups: The fabrics of the two underwear cups are facing up, sew it with a needle wire, and cover the lining suitable for their skin to the bottom of the cup.

Make underwear belt: Select the shuttle weaving line according to your own size and style, sew the underwear belt, and sew it in the appropriate position in the lower part of the underwear cup.

Install the connector: According to the specific style, install the connector to connect the underwear to the cup.

Sewing pads: According to specific needs, sewn the pads in the lower part of the underwear cup to make the underwear more three -dimensional and plump.

Modification design: According to personal hobbies, use various decorations and details to modify underwear to make it more beautiful.

Organize: Finally organize and trim underwear to make it more perfect.

What you need to pay attention to when making sexy underwear need to be paid attention to

When making sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following things:

To take the size correctly, and pay attention to the accuracy of all sewing edges and angles, try to avoid differences to reduce discomfort.

Use practical wires to suture each part to make underwear stronger, firm and beautiful.

Choose the fabric that suits you to fully protect the skin from stimulation and excessive friction.

Keep enough space so that you can match your favorite accessories.

Pay attention to posture and image when taking pictures or wearing, and maintain confidence and respect.

The advantages of making sexy underwear yourself

It can bring the following advantages by making sexy underwear by yourself:

Suitable for yourself: When making sexy underwear, you can choose styles and materials according to your own body shape, preferences and other aspects to ensure the comfort and personalization of underwear.

Save cost: Compared to customized or purchasing ready -made sex underwear, making sexy underwear usually saves a certain cost.

Show personality: Through your own design and production, you can show your unique personality and style.

Meet the needs of personalization: Whether it is use, accessories or styles, the sexy underwear made by itself can meet more personal needs and preferences.


Making sexy underwear requires patience, pay attention to details and skills, and can choose styles and materials according to your needs and preferences.And making sexy underwear by yourself can not only bring a sense of satisfaction and different experience, but also become a personalized and fashionable lifestyle.

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