The sexy lingerie of the original god emperor


The original god is a popular game, and the queen has always been one of the most popular characters in the game.Not only in the game, her shape on sexy underwear has also attracted much attention.In this article, we will introduce the sexy underwear atlas of the emperor.

Atlas 1: Black lace sexy underwear

The first sexy underwear of the emperor was black lace sexy underwear, which was very sexy.This set of sexy lingerie reveals the mysterious atmosphere of the emperor, which is very suitable for couples who want to increase sex.

Atlas 2: Red color sex lingerie

Red color sex underwear is another choice for the queen daughter. This set of red sexy underwear is enthusiastic, revealing sexy and desire, making people irresistible.It is not only suitable for night, but also as a holiday gift for wedding honeymoon.

Atlas 3: Lace Lace Fun Underwear

Lace -lace sexy underwear is another choice for the queen daughter.It exudes a sweet and sexy atmosphere, perfectly showing the sweet temperament of the emperor.This sexy underwear is suitable for girls who like small fresh.

Atlas 4: Net red sexy underwear

Net red sex lingerie has always been favored.Not only in the game, the emperor’s net red sexy underwear is also very beautiful.This set of sexy underwear is very easy to wear, and its shape is very strange, which is very suitable for modern women’s dressing.

Atlas 5: Rose red color sexy underwear

Rose red sexy underwear is a perfect combination of sexy and cute.The erotic underwear of the emperor uses rose red as the main color, and the lace decoration and bow have increased its cuteness.This set of sexy underwear is very suitable for women who want to try sweet and sexy combination.

Atlas 6: Green Sex Lords

Green erotic underwear makes the sexy charm of the queen daughter very eye -catching.The design of this set of sexy underwear is inspired by nature. It is very suitable for the lifestyle and style of natural rural areas, bringing people a calm and mysterious feeling.

Atlas 7: noble purple pornographic underwear

Noble purple pornographic underwear reveals a noble atmosphere and noble sense.This sexy underwear is decorated with high -grade lace and beads, making its color and texture very charming.This style is very suitable for women who want to show noble taste.

Atlas 8: Black bellyband sexy underwear

Black belly pocket sexy underwear is the courage of the queen daughter.Its bellyband part is made of black lace and tulle, which perfectly shows the proud figure of the emperor.It revealed a confident and sexy atmosphere that could not help but approach her.

Atlas 9: Perfecting sexy underwear

Permaneous sexy underwear can not only show you the superiority of your body, but also perfectly show your confidence.This set of sexy underwear reveals a sense of mystery, which is very suitable for wearing on celebrations, gatherings, etc.

Atlas Ten: Stockings Sex Underwear

Stockings sexy underwear has always been very popular, and it is also a choice for the queen daughter.This set of sexy underwear not only reveals the sexy and charming atmosphere, but also highlights the beautiful legs of the emperor.This sexy underwear is suitable for dressed at night or enjoying a romantic night with the other half.


The above is the sexy lingerie of the emperor. Each sexy underwear has its very unique and special charm.I believe that every woman can choose a sexy underwear that suits them, showing their charm while sexy.

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