The latest sexy underwear video abroad

The latest sexy underwear video abroad

1. Use transparent material sexy underwear

Recently, some sexy underwear designed with transparent materials has appeared. These underwear are mainly black and white. The sexy and tempting of women through thin fabrics.

2. Design unique bra underwear

Some brands have launched unique bras with bracelets. The bras are decorated with rivets or metal ring to create avant -garde and bold style.

3. Exquisite handmade lace underwear

Handmade lace underwear has always been very popular.The latest handmade lace underwear uses thin fabrics, with gorgeous lace decoration and detail design to create a retro and elegant atmosphere.

4. Sports style sexy underwear

The original intention of sports -style sexy underwear is to provide more comfort.These underwear use elastic fabrics, with sneakers and sports casual pants to create a harmonious and lively atmosphere.

5. Quotes of metal texture underwear

The sexy lingerie of metal texture has been welcomed by many women recently.These underwear shows a metallic sense after rust nanol treatment.The sexy lingerie of metal texture can not only highlight the body of women, but also show their independence and confidence.

6. Tight leather sexy underwear

Give full play to women’s sexy and strong inner desires to make themselves more confident, more personality, and more amazing. In recent years, it has become the focus of leather sex underwear design elements, especially black leather tight clothes.Who will ask for good -looking and comfortable at the same time?The important thing is that they can control the atmosphere in charming and sexy.

7. Stable lace underwear

Lace underwear gives people a stable and elegant feeling.The latest lace underwear is designed with lace fabrics and hook buckles, attracting consumers with the details of the heart.

8. Adjustable tight beam underwear

Better -bodied underwear can help women create beautiful body lines.The latest beam underwear has the function of adjustable tightness, which can better meet the needs of consumers.


As a fashion product, sexy underwear has always been favored by consumers.It can not only meet the emotional needs of women, but also improve their confidence and self -esteem.Brand designers should continue to meet the needs of consumers through continuous innovation and create more new underwear trends.

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