The hotel’s check -out is full of sexy underwear


When you live in a hotel, the check -out process is usually fast and not so interesting.However, if you see hotel staff holding scattered sexy underwear, you may be surprised.Why did this happen?Is these underwear picked up from the room of a missing person?

What is sexy underwear?

First, let’s explain what is sexy underwear.Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing different from traditional underwear.It usually uses lace, transparent mesh or other near -exposed materials.Interest underwear is often used to add sex and romantic atmosphere.

Private issues

So, return to the original question: Why do the cleaning staff who check out the hotel find a sexy underwear?This is not actually the hotel staff deliberately deprive the guest’s privacy, but because the guests forget to take the underwear home.This is a very common situation, especially when the guests hurriedly leave.

The reason for changing the sheets frequently

Cleaning personnel who check out at the hotel usually need to change the sheets frequently.This is to ensure that the sheets of the next guest are clean and tidy.If there are sexy underwear left by guests on the sheets or other items for sex, the next guest will feel extremely uncomfortable.Therefore, the cleaning staff will deal with these underwear.

The processing of sheets and underwear

So, how will hotel cleaning staff deal with these sexy underwear?Usually, they throw them into the trash bag and put them in the trash.However, some hotels may take different treatment methods, such as washing these underwear and retaining them back to the guests.In any way, it is to protect the privacy of the next guest.

Guests’ suggestions and reminders

So, what should we do as guests?First of all, we should always remember to bring all underwear and personal items home.If you don’t want anyone to see your personal items, you should put these things back to the suitcase.

Secondly, if you really forget to bring your underwear home, you can try to contact the hotel’s front desk or clean service to see if they can help you find it.Although it cannot guarantee success, this is usually a way to try.

Modeling room situation

The problem of sexy underwear will not only appear in the hotel, but also in the locker room.Users in the locker room may be tried to wear sexy underwear in the locker room, and then decided not to buy it.In this case, in order to ensure that the sexy underwear used for trials is clean and tidy, the clerk will also take some treatment measures, such as taking the underwear and putting it in the trash.This is not a violation of guests, but just to ensure hygiene.

in conclusion

Hotel cleaning staff need to be very cautious when handling the items left by the guests.Unfortunately, some guests forgot to bring all personal items home, causing cleaning staff to deal with these items.Fortunately, sexy underwear is not complicated in processing. It can be processed by throwing into a garbage bag or returning to the guests after washing.As guests, we should always pay attention to privacy issues to ensure that our private items will not be seen by others.

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