The high ranking of sexy underwear on Taobao

The high ranking of sexy underwear on Taobao

With the popularity of sexy underwear in China, there are more and more sexy underwear merchants on Taobao.What are the high rankings in so many shops?Next, I will introduce some of the high -ranking sexy underwear brands on Taobao.


Luolita is one of the very popular sexy underwear brands on Taobao.It is known for its sexy, personality style and high -quality fabric.Luolita’s exquisite design and excellent craftsmanship are impressive, so many niche sexy underwear enthusiasts on Taobao recommend it to more people.

2. Shiwo

Yito is a sexy underwear brand from Taobao.It is characterized by diverse design styles, from fresh to sexy.The brand is known for its unique tailoring and color matching, suitable for women with different bodies.The style of Yito is also very suitable for summer.

3. kawayi girl

Kawayi Girl is a well -known Japanese -Korean -style lingerie brand in China.The brand is loved by women with fresh and cute styles, and its requirements for quality are also very high.Kawayi Girl’s designer pays great attention to details, inject more cute elements into sexy underwear, so that sex underwear is no longer monotonous.

4. Miqiunuo

Miqiunuo is also a well -known sexy underwear brand on Taobao.It has always been loved by women with personalized design styles and fitting design concepts.MiuQuno’s various styles are very good, both suits and single products can highlight the body advantage.


LIUMIXIU’s sexy underwear is also very popular with Taobao users.LIUMIXIU’s style design style is ever -changing, full of fashion, and the price is more affordable.Both sexy or cute styles can meet the needs of different women.


EWOWO is a sexy underwear company integrating brand, R & D, production, and sales. The brand’s popularity on Taobao is also very high.EWOWO’s price is close to the people, while designing fresh, chic and personality, so its reputation on Taobao is very good.

7. yufeixiang

Yufeixiang is a well -known erotic underwear brand on Taobao. There are many styles provided by merchants, covering the characteristics of sexy, fresh, cute, naughty.Most erotic underwear fabrics are more comfortable and very comfortable to wear.

8. Hiamal

Hiamal is a more niche lingerie brand on Taobao, but its quality and design are very good.Hiamal’s sexy underwear is novel and unique, with good texture and high popularity.The design style is different and the style is complete, so that every woman can find their favorite style.

9. Xiong Guan Man Hua

Xiong Guan Man Hua is a very special sexy underwear brand on Taobao.It combines sexy underwear and anime to design a lot of sexy underwear based on classic anime characters.These underwear festivals are sexy, which is very suitable for girls who like anime.


YACOBEL is a more special sexy underwear brand, and its design concept is very avant -garde.The brand’s sexy lingerie is rich in style, diverse in style, very good quality, relatively affordable price, and the evaluation on Taobao is also very good.


There are many sexy underwear brands on Taobao, and the above brands are only part of them.Each brand has its own unique design concept and style, and different consumers can choose different brands according to their needs.In general, whether it is sexy, cute or fresh style, Taobao can find a suitable sex underwear brand on Taobao.

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