The first time wearing a sexy underwear is a bit shy

The first time wearing a sexy underwear is a bit shy

As a well -known sexual product, sexy underwear is already a common product in the current society. More and more people are starting to try to buy and wear sexy underwear.But for those who try this product for the first time, they may be a bit conflict, and even a little shy don’t know how to wear this underwear.In this article, I will use my professional knowledge to provide you with some suggestions and skills in wearing sex underwear for the first time to help you open a beautiful sexy experience.

1. Wearing sexy underwear requires confidence

Good erotic underwear is a sharp weapon that helps you show self -confidence and sexy, but the key is your own confidence and attitude. For those who try to wear sex underwear for the first time, you must first establish self -confidence.You can practice self -confidence from the process of buying a style and color that suits you, and enhance your confidence by trying to penetrate and observe your image.

2. Different styles are suitable for different occasions

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to choose according to different occasions.For example, some underwear is suitable for couples for romantic atmosphere, while others are suitable for more formal occasions, such as party or dinner.Therefore, you need to choose a suitable style according to your needs and occasions.

3. Material and quality are important

The quality of sexy underwear determines its comfort and sexy level, so it is necessary to choose classic brands and good materials.For those who are wearing sexy underwear for the first time, a comfortable, soft, and ergonomic underwear will make you more confident and relaxed.

4. The size must be accurate

The size of the sexy underwear may be different from the underwear size we usually buy, so the very important point is to ensure that your size is accurate.Because underwear that does not match the size will affect comfort and visual effects, it may also cause harm to health.It is recommended to go on the brand’s official website or physical store.

5. Familiar with the structure of sexy underwear

Sex underwear usually has a unique structure and design, and needs to understand the structure and function of various underwear.In this way, when trying to wear it, you can well understand its functions and use it properly.

6. Switching underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear is also a learning that needs to be studied. You can enrich the visual effects of underwear by choosing suitable accessories and clothing.For example, you can choose stockings or high -heeled shoes that are similar to the underwear.

7. Keep the underwear clean and care

Cleaning and care is the key to maintaining a beautiful and extending service life.Care according to the correct cleaning and maintenance process, which will also increase the psychological comfort and security.

8. Enjoy the fun of wearing sexy underwear

Finally, the most important point: wearing sexy underwear to make yourself feel sexy and confident, so as to further enjoy the fun of sex.The first time wearing sexy underwear may be a little shy or nervous, but we can experience different feelings through proper relaxation and enjoyment.


When wearing sexy underwear, we need to build a self -confidence and good attitude, choose the style and quality of the underwear that suits them, and master the knowledge of the matching skills and cleaning care of sexy underwear.The most important thing is that while enjoying wearing erotic underwear, we also need to focus on feeling our charm and sexy charm of the body, and enjoy your own sexual fun.

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