The ex -girlfriend bought a lot of sexy underwear

The ex -girlfriend bought a lot of sexy underwear

1. Understand the basic types of love underwear

There are four basic types of sexy underwear: tannery, bras, bellyband and conjoined.Tanjie sexy underwear does not have any obstruction on the back, and it is very sexy visually; the bray sexy underwear mainly highlights the chest characteristics; the bellyband sexy underwear has a piece of cloth cover in the abdomen to make the figure more charming;Integrated sexy underwear connected to the corset.

2. Procurement of sexy underwear for purchasing fun underwear

Interesting underwear is to make the wearer look more sexy and charming, so you should choose a suitable sexy underwear when you buy.When choosing sexy underwear, you should pay special attention to the size of the three parts of bust, hip and waist circumference to ensure comfortable and fit.

3. Understand the fabric of the love lingerie

There are many types of fabrics in sexy underwear, such as lace, gauze, matte silk, and so on.The production of different materials will be different from the visual effects.Considering the comprehensive factors such as the length of time and color selection of wearing, the fabric type should be considered when purchasing.

4. Choose the color that suits you

Selection of sexy underwear is also important.If you want to highlight your body, you can choose a bright color; if you pursue soft beauty, you can choose a light color; if you want to show enthusiasm and sexy, you can choose dark colors such as red and black.

5. Pay attention to the detail design of the sexy underwear

The details of sexy underwear are an important factor in the beauty upgrade.Some sequins, lace, ribbon, mesh and other embellishment designs will have the effect of painting the finishing touch visually.In addition, some handmade embroidery and tailoring technology can also reflect the high -end texture of sexy underwear.

6. With different erotic underwear

Wearing erotic underwear also needs to be matched with different clothing. For example, you can use clothing such as skirts, tight vests, irregular collar color camisole to make better figure.

7. How to maintain sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively high -end underwear, so it needs to focus on maintenance.When washing, you should choose a soft laundry solution to avoid overwashing too much hot water. Do not use a cleaner that damage the material such as bleaching agents to prevent the fabric and detail design of the damage.

8. Challenge tradition, dare to try

We can break the traditional cognition and dare to try different styles, different colors, and different styles of sexy underwear to create our own diverse sexy image.Being new can also keep yourself fresh.

Viewpoint: As a high -end underwear, sexy underwear has brought us sexy and aesthetic enjoyment. We should pay attention to buying and maintaining sex underwear, so that ourselves can show a beautiful image at any time.

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