The earliest sexy underwear show in Taiwan 4

Strong sensuality: Taiwan’s first sexy underwear show

In 1987, Taiwan held the first sexy underwear show, which prompted the women on the island’s interest in sex related topics.

At that time, the conservative attitude

However, the social atmosphere at that time was relatively conservative, and this sex lingerie show was also criticized and accused by many criticisms.

Courageous models

However, this did not shrink those models at the time. They walked to the catwalk in various sexy sexy underwear, bringing a new wave to the fashion trend.

At the same time as the growth of underwear stores, sexual knowledge has gradually become popular

In fact, this sexy lingerie show is not only a promoting role in the underwear market, but also gradually enters people’s lives.

Communication and collision of different cultures

With the more frequent cultural exchanges between the mainland and Taiwan, more and more women have begun to expose sexy underwear and try new sexual ways.

The rapid development of sexy underwear market

Today, sexy underwear has become an independent market, with increasingly richer categories, such as sexy underwear suits, bellybands, camisole, and so on.

Special design makes women show self -confidence

These erotic underwear not only have good aesthetic effects, but also help women feel more confident.

From traditional to modern transformation

The emergence of sexy underwear also represents a change in the concept of sex.From the traditional 1102 marriage, children to giving birth to modern women, they have begun to pay attention to their own rights and peaceful equal rights.

Strengthen the relationship between husband and wife through sex

At the same time, sexy underwear is not only used by women by themselves. It can also help husbands and wives to heat up, strengthen the intimate relationship between each other, and improve the communication and coordination between husband and wife.


The birth, popularity and development of sexy underwear are not just apparently promoting on the surface, but representing the changes of the era and the pursuit of human nature.We should look at the topic of sex more openly and tolerance, while using sexy underwear to improve our quality of life and enhance interpersonal relationships in a timely manner.

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