Tape is entangled in fun jackets

The tape is entangled with sexuality and sexy underwear boom

Since a video of Japanese video websites uploaded a video with tapes that wrapped out sex underwear, this approach has set off a wave worldwide.This DIY underwear is very easy to make, and it is also cheap and affordable, making many female lovers rush.Let’s take a look at the method of making this underwear, the scope and how to match it.

Production Method

To make this sexy underwear, you first need a box of transparent tape, and the color is based on personal preference.Secondly, you need to find someone to help you entangle tape.The method of entanglement is also very simple. The tape around the chest or behind a few laps, repeat it many times until it covers all breasts or belly.Finally, cut and cut the excess tape with scissors, and it is enough.


Because this underwear can be designed and produced freely, the scope of applications is very wide.Whether it is a wedding, Valentine’s Day, birthday party or other important activities, you can use tape to entangle sexy sexy underwear to increase the atmosphere.At the same time, it can also be worn as a swimsuit in summer to increase the visual effect.

Way of matching

When matching, you need to pay attention to the color of the underwear and the color of the clothes, and whether it is in line with the theme of the party.If it is a white tape underwear, it can be matched with black shorts, which looks sexy and elegant; if it is a pink tape underwear, it can be matched with a white suspender dress, which looks fresh and vibrant.

Different styles of tape underwear

Due to the different production materials, tape underwear also contains a variety of styles.For example, some people wrap the tape into the shape of lace, some people will use different colors of tape to stitch out patterns, and some people even wrap the tape into a style of pants.These different styles can be selected according to the occasion and personal preferences.

Pay attention

Because this underwear is specially used, you need to pay attention to some issues.First of all, in order to prevent skin allergies, it is best to choose the right tape material.Secondly, do not be too tight or uncomfortable to avoid harm to the body.Finally, when taking off the tape underwear, you need to tear the tape slowly to avoid excessive stimulation to the skin.

The effect of sexy underwear

The sexy underwear made with tape not only has a special visual effect, but also enhances the sexual interest between couples.Especially in important festivals such as Valentine’s Day, wearing such underwear can bring unique feelings and memories.


The sexy underwear entangled by the tape is not only suitable for women, but men can also try this approach.Boys can entangle tapes on their bodies, so as to entangle their desired shapes and increase sexual interest and interest.

Summary and outlook

The erotic underwear made by tape is a simple and practical DIY product.It can not only increase the atmosphere of the party, but also increase the sexual interest between couples.It is expected that as more and more people are paying attention to this approach, tape entanglement of sexy underwear will be widely used and developed in the future.


Tape is not only a fashionable approach, but also a healthy lifestyle.Use it reasonably can bring more fun and happiness, and it is also conducive to physical health and mental health.Therefore, I think that the rude of the tape is entangled with sexy underwear is a healthy, creative approach, and it is worth trying.

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