Taobao sex lingerie store recommendation

1. Selection of sexy underwear stores

On Taobao, perfect sexy underwear stores are often hidden in a large number of advertisements and low -quality products.If you want to buy high -quality sexy underwear, you need to choose shops with high credibility and good customer evaluation.

2. Understand your size

It is important to understand your own size before buying sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear is more difficult than daily underwear, if the size is not suitable, it will be uncomfortable or unfjuished.It is recommended to measure your body size more accurate.

3. European and American style of sexy underwear

European and American style of fun underwear is one of the more popular types.These sexy underwear is particularly suitable for women with tall and well -figure.Lace and texture are often used, sexy and elegant.

4. Flower Sex Emotional Emotional Inqueeing Underwear

For women who like soft and feminine styles, the floral sexy lingerie is a good choice.These sexy underwear is also very suitable for women with short small figures or small men.

5. Adult sexy sheet

Adult erotic underwear is a sexy underwear that pays more attention to functional and sexy factors.They usually use high -quality fabrics and production technologies to ensure height and comfort.They often include some unique additional functions, such as open crotch, buttons, camisole, etc.

6. Transparent sex erotic lingerie

The transparent sexual relationship is very popular because they can perfectly pack the women’s body and can also evoke the visual impulses and desires of men.However, it is not suitable for everyone’s size and personal style, and you need to choose carefully when buying.

7. Black color sexy underwear

Black color sex lingerie is a classic choice, and it will never be outdated.They are often simple and fashionable, showing women’s mystery and sexy.This color is very suitable for women of various skin tones.

8. Quantity and price

The price of sexy underwear is relatively expensive than daily underwear.However, if you choose the right sexy underwear shop and the correct style, the price is acceptable.Remember not to blindly pursue low prices when buying, because this is often reflected in quality and effect.

9. Appropriate occasions

Sex underwear is not suitable for all occasions and needs to be selected according to actual needs.For example, love party, dating, Valentine’s Day or special moment, suitable for wearing sexy underwear.It is not suitable for daily life, work, and family gatherings.

10. Total view

In general, buying sexy underwear requires more carefulness and rationality, and do not be attracted by low prices and excessive sexy.Before buying, you need to pay attention to your size and choose the style and occasion that suits you.The most important thing is to choose a highly credible Taobao shop to ensure that you buy high -quality sexy underwear.

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