Taiwan permanent sex lingerie show welfare film

1. Background introduction:

The sexy underwear show is a fashion performance with sexual hints or sexual themes. Many brands choose this method when promoting their own sexy underwear.Recently, a welfare film called permanent sexy lingerie show has attracted great attention.

2. Overview of permanent sex lingerie show:

This welfare film is produced by a Taiwanese sexy underwear brand. The purpose of promoting its own products is the purpose of showing a sex lingerie show to display various styles of sexy underwear.

Third, the controversy of sexy lingerie show:

However, due to the too bold performance of the models in the welfare film, some people are dissatisfied and criticized.Some people think that this is inciting human desire and showing improper content.

Fourth, the charged problem:

It can be seen from the welfare film that the models are very waved during the performance, and some scenes may make people feel uncomfortable, such as kissing and dew points on the spot.In addition, the welfare film also emphasizes the figure and sexy parts of the model through the close -up of the lens.

5. Brand response:

The brand said that they will not incite people’s desire. This is a sexy underwear display film, the purpose is to show different styles of sexy underwear, and how to wear their products in an elegant environment.

6. Cultivation of the opponents:

Opponents believe that the content of this welfare film is not elegant, but instead strengthen the materialization and gender discrimination of women’s bodies, and further deepen the society’s oppression of women.

Seven, the impact on the audience:

Because the content of the welfare films is more explicit, it may cause bad emotions and psychological influences to audiences such as minors who are vulnerable to the outside world, and they need to attract great attention from society.

8. How to balance the display and content:

As a way to show your own products, the sexy underwear show has certain market demand and existence of legitimacy.However, a certain bottom line should be noted during the display, that is, while displaying the products as much as possible, it should be elegant, legal and reasonable.

Nine, rationalization of welfare films:

For the rationalization of welfare films, it should be carried out on the basis of ensuring freshness, natural, true and objective expression to avoid going to extremes and affecting normal evaluation of products and brands.

10. Conclusion:

Behind the sex lingerie show, what we should see is the beauty display and self -confidence of the product, not false and excessive performance.Therefore, during the display, a certain bottom line and the correct values should be maintained, and the balance between the display and the content can be better won the recognition of the audience and the support of the society.

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