Summer new sexy underwear pictures appreciation

Summer new sexy underwear pictures appreciation

Summer new sexy underwear pictures appreciation

As the weather gradually heats up, the sexy underwear in summer also shows a fresh and light style, which pays more attention to breathability and sexy. Let ’s take a look at the new sex pictures in summer.

Fresh flower series

The sexy lingerie of the flower series has been popular in recent years. The summer flower series focuses on fresh elements. It adopts bright and bright colors and lace lace, which makes people look bright.At the same time, the overall design is thin and breathable, and it is very comfortable to wear.

Sexy hollow series

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Summer sexy hollow series of sexy underwear pays more attention to showing the sexy charm of women. The design of hollow lace or mesh fabric is cleverly highlighted to highlight the beauty of women.At the same time, the breathability is not inferior to other series, both sexy and comfortable to wear.

Retro camisole series

Retro elements have always been sought after in the fashion industry, and sexy underwear is no exception.Summer retro strap series adopts a fine shoulder strap design, with lace lace and mesh patterns, bringing a strong retro atmosphere.When wearing, it can also show women’s perfect clavicle lines.

Comfortable vest series

Summer comfortable vest series of sexy underwear is mainly light and breathable. It uses comfortable cotton fabrics. It can keep warm and not feel sultry.The design also focuses on simple and comfortable, and is the best choice for daily wear or laziness.

Romantic Scarf Series

The romantic scarf series of sexy underwear is mainly material, and with elements such as lace lace or ribbon, so that women have a sense of fluency and look very soft.Unlike other series, the material used in the scarf series is thinner, so you need to pay attention to the weak part to avoid friction and hook when you wear it.

Consistent suspended vest series

The unique suspender series of sexy underwear is presented in the form of a binding and vest. It is decorated with lace lace, hollow mesh pattern and other elements, which is sexy and chic.There is no problem with breathability and comfort. Wearing it can make women show their unique charm.

Sexy Costumes

Intellectual lace series

The intellectual lace series of sexy underwear has always been a favorite option for women, and the summer series also caters to women’s needs for sexy and high -level sense.Making with high -quality lace lace is also slightly elegant in design. It is the best choice suitable for women to attend formal occasions.

Sweet Rainbow Series

The sexy underwear of the Rainbow series is particularly popular in summer. It uses colorful fabrics and lace to bring people a very sweet feeling.In addition, the Rainbow series focuses on breathability and closeness. It is not only beautiful to wear, but also suitable for daily wear.

Wildlife series

Wildlife series of sexy underwear has always been sought after, and the summer series is no exception.Using high -quality animal pattern printing or printing fabrics, with sexy lace or mesh fabrics to create a sense of wild charm.It is sexy and domineering.


Summer is the best time to show women’s sexy charm, while the launch of new sexy underwear gives women more choices.Each series has its own characteristics and highlights. Women can choose the one that suits them best according to their taste and needs, showing their unique charm.