Stockings Jiao Wife Instead of Inner Clothing Training

Stockings Jiao Wife Instead of Inner Clothing Training

Background introduction

Recently, more and more men and women have begun to be keen on the purchase and wear of sexy underwear. Among them, stockings and wife’s sexy underwear is a very popular choice.This underwear is suitable for various figures and is sexy.

What is a stocking wife’s sexy underwear?

Stockings and wife’s sexy underwear usually includes three parts: top, pants and stockings.The top and pants are designed with perspective, exposing a part of the body, and stockings can play a role in modifying the legs of the legs.This underwear is divided into a variety of materials, such as cotton, lace, polyester fiber, etc.

Methods of Emblory Wife’s Wife’s Women’s Women

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At home, the wearing of the sexy lingerie of the stockings is more sexy.Here are some training methods:

Choose a suitable model

First of all, make sure to choose stockings that are suitable for your body.The choice of color is also very important, and the color suitable for skin color will be more sexy.If you want to achieve better results, you can choose to highlight the design of body lines, such as lace, perspective, hollow, etc.

The comfort must be preferred

When choosing stockings, you must ensure comfortable wearing when you have a sexy underwear, otherwise it will affect the experience of interest.To understand the size of the size of your body, pay attention to the size of the pants and bras when buying to avoid being too tight or too loose.


Matching is an important part. In addition to the interesting underwear of stockings, it also needs to be equipped with high heels, jewelry and other accessories.Especially the decoration of the feet can bring the highlights of the legs and the body, and increase the sexy temperament.


The maintenance method of the sexy underwear in stockings is different from ordinary clothing and needs special attention.It is best to wash the stockings of the stockings and wife, do not use the washing machine.At the same time, use warm water and mild dedicated detergent during cleaning to avoid damage.


Nursing details

When using stockings and wife’s erotic underwear, pay attention to prevent the nails from being cut.If you find that you are scratched during wearing, you can apply nail polish to the scratch to avoid further damage.Moreover, after taking off the stockings and wife’s sexy underwear, you must also wrap it with soft clothing to avoid damage to other clothes.

Two people interactive training

When using stockings and wife’s sexy underwear, you can also add more passionate two -person interactive tuning.For example, let the man expose all the different parts of the woman’s body, wear sexy underwear, and enjoy a new sense of stimulus.

The fashionability of sexy underwear

In general, the stockings of stockings are a fashion trend. From time to time, trying this way of dressing can make yourself more confident and beautiful.You only need to pay attention to the materials and styles that are suitable for your body, as well as the correct way of dressing and maintenance methods, you can find unlimited fun in wearing and strengthen the interesting experience between husband and wife.

View: Careful choice and maintenance stockings and wife’s sexy underwear allows you to experience a more fun experience in the sexual life.