Steel Ball Fun Underwear

Steel Ball Fun Underwear


Interest underwear is a must -have for modern people to show others sexy.Not only can you add the taste of husband and wife, but also show self -confidence and personality.In the world of sexy underwear, a type of underwear is very popular with its temptation and irritation, that is, steel balls sex underwear.

What is steel beads sex underwear?

Compared with ordinary sexy underwear, steel balls sex underwear adds steel balls in the yarn of fleshy yarns.The texture and weight of the steel balls will continue to have a sense of irritation during physical exercise, making women wearing it more sexy and teasing.

What types of steel beads sex underwear?

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At present, steel balls’ sexy underwear can be roughly divided into three categories: steel ball bras, steel ball stockings, and steel ball T 目前.Each type of steel beads has various patterns and materials, such as printing, perspective, grid, fish nets, lace, and so on.

How to choose steel beads sex underwear?

When selecting steel beads sex underwear, pay attention to the size and material.Different sizes and styles are suitable for women with different figures, and the choice of materials should pay attention to whether it is comfortable and durable, and at the same time, it must also have enough stimulation.

Which occasions are suitable for wearing steel beads sex underwear?

Steel bead love underwear is suitable for wearing in special occasions.For example, dating, wedding birthday party, dancing and other situations.Only wearing in these special occasions can a better effect.

How to maintain steel beads sexy underwear?

Steel beads sexy underwear is a relatively special underwear that requires special maintenance and cleaning.You cannot wash it with a washing machine and hot water, or you cannot wash it hard.It is best to wash it with warm water. Gently squeeze with a towel and dry it in the dark ventilation to avoid direct sunlight.

What are the precautions for steel beads sex underwear?

First of all, be sure to try to feel whether the situation is suitable.If you are uncomfortable or painful, don’t wear it.In addition, it is not recommended to wear it for a while, because the special stimulation of such underwear may affect health.


What is the safety of steel beads sexy underwear?

Under the correct use, steel beads sexy underwear is safe.However, it is not recommended to wear for pregnant women and sensitive women.If abnormal symptoms occur during use, such as pain or discomfort, take off your underwear in time and go to the hospital for treatment.

Which brands in the market are better?

At present, there are more steel -beaded underwear brands on the market, such as VNECK, Namila, Playboy, LG Household & Health Care, etc. Consumers can choose according to their preferences and needs.Choose regular and reliable merchants when buying.


As a sexy underwear with a special stimulus, Steel Ball sex underwear is loved by young people.However, pay attention to safety and hygiene when wearing, and pay attention to the occasion and clothing to match the best results.Therefore, when buying and wearing, you must consider it carefully.