Some men will not like sexy underwear

Some men will not like sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a widely accepted fashion product. It has created countless sexy and charming styles for modern women.However, for some people, sexy underwear is not the first choice.This situation is particularly common among men, as they may have some obstacles to enjoy the pleasure brought by sexy underwear.The question I want to discuss today is why some men don’t like sexy underwear.

2. Perspective bias

When some men start to contact sexy underwear, they are difficult to accept this sexy clothing due to their prejudice.These men feel that sexy underwear is a bold mockery to women, or an excessive deliberate naked expression.They believe that women should be stable, practical, and insist on hiding their bodies, rather than exposing themselves.

3. Shy mood

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There are also some men who have a shyness and discomfort about sexy underwear, maybe because they have never felt this novel vision and feeling, or they are not used to revealing their desires in public places.In this case, they may feel at a loss, because they don’t know how to express themselves, or think that wearing fun underwear is a way to say too much about their desires.

4. worry about the body

Some men are unwilling to like sexy underwear because they are uneasy about the unrealistic beautification and illusion of women’s bodies.Or, they are dissatisfied with their bodies and feel that they are not healthy or sexy, so it is difficult to adapt to the perfect figure shape after women wear sexy underwear.In this case, men may feel that they cannot meet the standards of women, so they cannot appreciate their charm, which will be conflicty with sexy underwear.

5. Political correctness

In some areas, the influence of political correctness and moral norms on social atmosphere is increasing, which has a significant impact on the promotion and promotion of sexy underwear.Some men may follow this moral norm and believe that women should dress up in a more cautious and introverted way, rather than using obvious methods full of challenging.The impact of political correctness is a serious issue that makes some men no longer like sexy underwear.

6. Economic consideration

Some men may abandon their purchases due to economic problems when they are too expensive when they buy sexy underwear.They think that the price of sexy underwear is very high, and such purchases will cause great pressure on their budget.Therefore, in the face of a harsh economic environment, they may choose to buy cheaper, traditional underwear, and give up interesting products.

7. Don’t like to change

Some men may have become accustomed to traditional and conservative sexual concepts, and these difficulty are replaced by the new and sexy changes brought about by sexy underwear.They may be more willing to use personal items within the scope of their familiar culture and cognition, and they are unwilling to accept new products and ideas.In this case, men may think that sexy underwear is a strange, unusual and useless product. They prefer to adhere to their ideas and not try to find sexy underwear.

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8. living environment

Men’s living environment may affect their attitude towards sexy underwear.In family, work, and social environment, men may be affected by many pressures and external threats, such as family responsibilities, pressure on work, and social norms in the circle of friends.All these factors will affect a person’s thoughts and behaviors, including an attitude towards sexy underwear.In this case, a person may think that sexy underwear is a product that affects social norms and is unwilling to accept them.

9. Lack of cognition

There are also some men who have not recognized the charm and value brought by sexy underwear.They may not know that sexy underwear is a way to make them feel happy when they make their partner or girlfriend feel happy. The sexy it shows is not limited to visual enjoyment.Therefore, these men are not interested in sexy underwear because they lack their understanding and understanding of this clothing.

10. Summary

In short, there are many reasons for men who do not like sexy underwear. From the point of view of the point of concern to the body, from political correctness to economic considerations, from the dislike of change to lack of cognition.Most of these factors are related to a person’s cultural background, moral concepts, personality characteristics, aesthetic standards, etc.However, if we can deeply understand and appreciate the joy and satisfaction brought by the sexy underwear, we may be able to better enjoy life and better experience the joy of sexy and love.