Silicone poured moldy underwear is transparent

Silicone poured moldy underwear is transparent

Silicone poured moldy underwear is transparent

As a combination of fashion and sex, sexy underwear is favored by young people.With the advancement of society and the liberation of women, sexy underwear has become more and more in the market.The emergence of silicone poured superpowered underwear has made the majority of women want to stop.

Features of silicone inverted mold

Silicone poured moldy underwear looks very sexy and has a very good transparent effect. Unlike ordinary irregular erotic underwear, the shape of silicone inverted underwear is more realistic. Following the curve of women’s bodies, it can also show the beauty of sexy temptation for women.EssenceIn addition, silicone poured moldy underwear uses non -trace design and is comfortable to wear without leaving any traces.

Suitable crowd

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Silicone dumping moldy underwear is especially suitable for women with outstanding figure and full chest.Because silicone inverted chest pads can effectively shape the perfect curve of women’s chests, and can fully show the sexy charm of women.In addition, women with silicone downtime also are suitable for women who have some pursuit of sexy culture. They can show their maximum personality and self -confidence by wearing this underwear.

Purchase points

When buying silicone poured moldy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points: First, choose a regular professional manufacturer.The production process of this underwear is very high, and if the quality is not up to standard, it will cause damage to the body.Secondly, choose styles and sizes according to your needs and body characteristics.Finally, look at the quality assurance and after -sales service of the product when buying.

How to match

When mating with silicone pouring moldy underwear, you need to make decisions based on the occasion and personal style.You can match the underwear with simple clothing such as jeans, shorts and skirts, or matching clothing such as jackets, trench coats, or fashionable fur.


Silicone poured moldy underwear cannot be exposed to sunlight. Long -term exposure can cause deformation or even damage the chest pad.Note that you choose a special cleaning agent during cleaning, and you cannot use a general detergent to clean it, otherwise it will cause discoloration or fade.

about the price

The price of silicone poured moldy underwear is relatively high, but it can withstand the price verification of the market.I am the most important, and my heart is the most.

Fetish Wear

Symbol of women’s confidence

The emergence of silicone poured moldy underwear represents the freedom and autonomy of women in the new era.In the case of its own conditions, wearing a transparent and sexy sexy underwear, in addition to meeting their sexual needs, can also make women more confident and show their freedom and independent personality.Therefore, wearing this sexy underwear, women can be more charming, sexy, comfortable, and confident.


Silicone dumping moldy underwear is a very sexy and charming clothing, bringing a new dressing experience to women.However, pay attention when buying, buy products produced by regular manufacturers, and do daily cleaning and maintenance work, so as to extend the service life of the product and make you more eye -catching in the pool, beach, bathroom and underwear PART party.