She tears the fun jacket

She tears the fun jacket

Interesting underwear experience

In the sexual product store, for the first time, I saw these all kinds of sexy underwear. The colors and styles were different, but they all focused on sexy and comfortable.I touched the BRA of one of the black lace and felt that the texture was very good, so I couldn’t help try it. I felt really good, so I took it decisively.

Lace underwear, add points to sexy

Lace is one of the representative materials of sexy underwear, and can add a lot to the body’s curve.The texture of lace is soft and breathable. Even if you put on it all day, you will not feel uncomfortable.And its transparent feeling is also very tempting.

Stockings, add points to beautiful legs

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For women who like sexy, a pair of beautiful stockings is also essential.There are many styles of stockings, such as net socks, conjoined stockings and other types, and the effect of stretching leg lines, which can make your beautiful legs more moving after putting on.

Bra, make your chest more perfect

The role of a bra is not only a supporting role, but also to make the chest more perfect.Familiar with your chest shape, choosing underwear suitable for your chest shape, can improve the self -confidence of usual dress, and can also play a magical role at a special moment.

Personally connected underwear, perfect interpretation of sexy

Personally -handed underwear is one of the more popular styles in sexy underwear.After putting it on, the design of the body is closely shaped, which can perfectly shape the body curve. It is sexy and comfortable at the same time, becoming one of the alternatives of many women.

Open the stall sex underwear, especially tempting

Opening a sexy underwear is to open a small mouth in important parts, so that the wearer has more excitement and temptation.Although you can’t wear them anywhere, in appropriate occasions, this underwear can make you look very sexy and add attractive.

Must -have for flirting, combined with handcuffs or mouthball

In order to make your interesting underwear more colorful, in addition to choosing different styles, it is also a good choice with some sexy small props.Handcuffs, mouthball and other items can bring more irritating interesting experiences, enhance the atmosphere of flirting, and allow you and your partner to experience more fun.

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What to pay attention to before buying

When buying sexy underwear, consider your body size and figure characteristics, choose the style and size that suits you to avoid unable to wear or uncomfortable after buying.At the same time, when choosing a product, we also need to choose a manufacturer with a high reputation of the brand to ensure the quality of the product and after -sales service.

Appropriate occasions are the best choices

Although sexy underwear is very tempting, we must pay attention to appropriate occasions.If you are going to participate in important gatherings or business occasions, it is more appropriate to choose formal dressing.But in the private occasions between couples, it is an excellent experience to put on sexy underwear.

Choose a style in combination with your own personality

In buying sexy underwear, women of different personalities will have different choices.If your personality is bold or enthusiastic, you can choose a deep V style or a see -through -style underwear; if your personality is more introverted or conservative, you can choose sexy black lace underwear to easily show a confident and sexy charm.


Although sexy underwear cannot be worn every day, wearing them at appropriate time can strengthen the sex experience, make life more exciting, and at the same time add more confidence and charm to themselves.