Sexy underwear reveals the original flavor

Sexy underwear reveals the original flavor

What is sexy lingerie revealing the original flavor?

Falling underwear reveals the original flavor. During the wearing, due to sweat and secretions, the underwear will leave some flavors.These flavors may be seductive and fragrant, but they may also be unpleasant and pungent.Some people consciously do not take a bath before wearing underwear, so that underwear leaves a stronger taste.

Sexy underwear reveals the harm of original flavor

Falling underwear reveals the original flavor, it may cause some harm to physical and mental health.Bacteria and secretions left on the underwear may cause problems such as infection and allergies.If underwear is not cleaned in time, these problems will become more serious.Therefore, we don’t recommend retaining the original flavor of underwear for a long time.

Sexy underwear reveals the source of the original flavor

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There are many reasons for the original flavor on the erotic underwear.In addition to sweat and secretions, factors such as the frequency of underwear, the material and maintenance method of the underwear can also affect the smell of the underwear.

How to correctly clean sexy underwear?

Generally speaking, we recommend cleaning after each use.When cleaning, you should choose a soft cleaner to avoid using too irritating cleaning agents.When cleaning the underwear, you can rinse the underwear with water first, and then clean it with a cleaner.After washing, remember to dry the underwear in a ventilated place to avoid direct exposure.For some fading underwear, a small amount of salt or white vinegar can be added before washing to protect the color of the underwear.

How to store sexy underwear?

The correct storage method can extend the life of the underwear and avoid problems such as exposure.We recommend putting underwear in the drawer to avoid hanging on the drying rack.At the same time, the underwear should maintain a certain distance to avoid problems such as underwear and deformation.In the process of stacked, some translucent underwear should be placed in a relatively above position to avoid being crushed.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear?

Different people have different preferences. When choosing sexy underwear, we need to choose according to our body and personality.For some people who pay attention to comfort, the breathable light and soft underwear are more suitable; for those who pay more attention to visual effects, appropriate amount of decoration and lively colors are essential.

Different types of erotic underwear scent differences

Different types of sexy underwear leave different odors.For example, leather, rubber and other lingerie will emit a strong smell, while the lingerie of silk, cotton and other materials is relatively mild.When buying, we should choose the right underwear according to our preferences and in use.

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Falling underwear wearing skills

Many people feel uncomfortable and restrained when wearing fun underwear.To solve this problem, we can prepare before wearing underwear, such as doing some warm -up exercises to relax; in addition, we can also try to adjust the size of the underwear to get a better wear experience.

How to match sex underwear?

The correct way of matching can make underwear better show its visual charm.We can choose clothes with contrasting effects with underwear, such as black underwear with white tops, etc. In addition, we can also choose suitable accessories and hairstyles such as underwear and occasions to match.

in conclusion

When wearing a sexy underwear, we should pay attention to the cleaning and storage of underwear, and a rational understanding of the smell of different material underwear.At the same time, when purchasing and dressed, you must choose and adjust according to your preferences and body factors to obtain a better dressing experience.