Sexy underwear real people try on

Sexy underwear real people try on

Interest underwear is a symbol of private taste and quality of men and women. The feeling of wearing sexy underwear can not only add the pleasure of getting along with fun, but also better enhance people’s body advantages and temperament characteristics.But when choosing sexy underwear, many people will be limited and challenged in various aspects.Today, I will introduce a more direct and effective way of choice -real people try on.This article will interpret the advantages and disadvantages of this method in detail, introduce some suggestions and some trial tips.

Ask the clerk before trying on

Before the real person trial, you should first ask some basic information of the clerk.The clerk will give some sexy underwear suitable for you according to your needs and body characteristics.It should be noted that you can find the real suggestions of the clerk at will, but you cannot fully accept their suggestions and remember that tailor -made is the best choice.

Choose your own underwear style

There are many types of sexy underwear, which involves a variety of elements such as adults, Europe and the United States, and each element has different functions and uses.You should choose a style that suits you, such as sexy, romantic, European and American or adults, etc. These styles can add some new style to you.

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Follow the weakness of your body

The biggest role of real people trying on is to discover the cold and warm self -knowledge.By trying on, we can find some weaknesses of our body, such as whether the chest is small, thick waist, etc., so as to find solutions for these problems.

Underwear appropriate degree

The right degree of underwear is the key. Underwear should fit our body curve. It should not be too tight or loose. Small underwear will close the body of the body tightly, affecting blood circulation and breathing, and inducing physical discomfort.

Choose a fabric that suits you

Don’t look at a small part of the fabric, but this small detail is related to the quality and touch of the underwear, especially for girls, the quality of the underwear is properly selected, which will make you beautiful from the inside out.

The color and pattern of the underwear

The color and pattern of the underwear are the key to adding the beauty of the entire underwear.Different colors have different aesthetic characteristics, such as pink sweetness, black sexy, red enthusiasm.Different patterns also have different aesthetic styles, so be careful when choosing.

Importance of accessories

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Underwear must not only match the beauty, but also with some accessories, such as stockings, high heels, gloves, earrings, etc.These accessories are consistent with the style of underwear. For example, low -key and simple underwear, most suitable for a pair of simple high heels or stockings.

Safe guarantee

High -quality sexy underwear must not only ensure beauty, but also ensure comfort.Comfort is an important guarantee for the body. When choosing, you can try blindly purchasing, exposed face, and genuine vests to evaluate the quality and comfort of underwear.

Careful evaluation after trying on

After trying it on, you need to find out the shortcomings of underwear through evaluation.Carefully check the details of the lingerie, suture details, degrees of grinding, and breathing conditions in the tight state.Record the advantages and disadvantages of these details for reference for the future.

In summary, real -life trial is a feasible way to choose sexy underwear.This method can make you more clearly understand your needs and various sexy underwear that can match your body and temperament. At the same time, you can also find the defects of the existence of underwear and give some feasible improvement solutions.Finding sexy underwear that suits you in the attempt brings richer and attractive life experiences, which not only adds personal interesting taste, but also enhances the happiness of interpersonal communication.