Sexy underwear Open Style Style Picture

Sexy underwear Open Style Style Picture

What is sexy lingerie opening style

The style of sexy lingerie opening refers to opening one or more small holes in the private parts, which is convenient to expose or convenient sex.This underwear was first designed and produced by adult products stores for sex toy activities.With the pursuit of sexual technology and the pursuit of sexuality, today’s market has a variety of sexy lingerie opening styles.

Types of sexy underwear open -stall styles

There are many common sexy lingerie -opening styles:

Strike single point: Open a small hole in the private part

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Open the gear at multiple points: Open a small hole in multiple locations

Large opening: The more open style, only a small amount of fabric covers private parts

Zipper: The zipper is equipped in the private parts, which is convenient for adjustment

Pure cotton opening: 100%cotton material, comfortable and breathable, especially suitable for daily wear

Sexy lingerie opening style material

There are many variety of materials of sexy underwear -based gear style. The following introduces several:

Silk: smooth, soft, comfortable, very suitable for sexy styles

Lace: exquisite, sexy, breathable, suitable for large opening or multi -point opening styles

Leather: It has texture, tough, and sexy.


Cotton: comfortable, breathable, healthy, very suitable for daily wear

Applicable crowd of sexy underwear -opening style

The style of sexy lingerie is not suitable for everyone, usually suitable for the following groups:

Read lovers: the heart is more open, pursue sexuality

Sexual skills enthusiasts: who likes to try novel and exciting sexual skills requires more space and convenient sexual behavior

Husband and wife and couple: Wearing a sexy lingerie opening style can improve the quality of interest and sexual life between husband and wife

Fairy underwear open -stall style matching

Sex underwear opening styles are generally paired with some accessories, which can more highlight the sexy effect:

High heels: Put on high heels to make your legs more slender and beautiful.

Lace gloves: gloves can increase the mystery of the hand and enhance sexuality.

Mask: Mask can increase a sense of mystery and better create a sexual atmosphere.

Bonding equipment: Auxiliary use can increase the content and experience of A SM.

Fairy underwear open stall maintenance

The maintenance of sexy lingerie -opening styles is very important. The following is the maintenance suggestion:

It is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid the use of washing machines to maintain the elasticity and life of its material.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces in use, or dyeing or disinfection items to avoid damage to the material.

Put in a dry and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight or humid environment.

Select the size of the sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy lingerie opening style, the selection of the size is also very important:

Try not to choose a small or too large size, which will affect the beauty and comfort of wearing.

When wearing, make sure that there will be no prominent or defects in the crotch and breast area.

You can check the size table carefully before trying it on to determine your accurate size.

Suggestion of the purchase of sexy lingerie

When buying a sexy lingerie, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose regular channels to purchase to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

When buying, you can choose a style that suits you according to your needs, hobbies and body shape.

The price level is different, and some brands are relatively high -end, so you can consider the demand and budget before making a decision.

in conclusion

The style of sexy lingerie is a product that can enhance sexuality and increase sexual life experience. It is suitable for people who love sex and taste and try to try.When buying and dressed, you need to pay attention to the style and size that suits you to maintain the maintenance of products.The correct use of sexy underwear -based stalls can make your sex life more colorful and exciting.