Sexy underwear open crotch pants put on

Sexy underwear open crotch pants put on

1 Introduction

As one of the important props of sexual flirting, sexy underwear is particularly paid attention to in terms of costumes and color.Open crotch pants are one of the common types, which can show the sexy charm of women’s bodies, and it is also convenient to use in sex.However, many people do not know enough about the way and precautions of opening crotch pants.This article introduces the method and precautions of sexy underwear on crotch pants.

2. Types of open crotch pants

There are many types of open crotch pants, including side opening, lower -opening, and built -in G pants.Among them, the side opening type is a relatively common type. It has a crotch opening on the front and side of it, suitable for women who are accustomed to wearing ordinary underwear.The lower -opening crotch is at the lower end of the leg. The opening of this style is small, suitable for women who require sexual tools.The opening of the Gants is in the waist, which is suitable for women who want to enjoy exclusive fun in sex.

3. The way to wear open crotch pants

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When wearing open crotch pants, you need to separate your legs, and then slowly pass through the legs from your waist.Note that the crotch of the open crotch pants should be worn in the center of the lower body to avoid inconvenient when using it.After wearing it, you can adjust the position to make the crotch fit the skin, which is more comfortable.

4. How to match the crotch pants

The matching method of open crotch pants, like other sexy underwear, should choose according to occasions and personal preferences.Generally speaking, it can be matched with sexy stockings, high heels, etc. to enhance the overall sexy charm.It can also be matched with different styles of bras, lace camisrets, etc. to achieve the effect of rich performance.

5. Maintenance method of open crotch pants

Every piece of sexy underwear needs to be well maintained, and open crotch pants are no exception.Generally speaking, open crotch pants should be washed with cold water, and machine washing and drying should be prohibited.After cleaning, it should be dried in the ventilation place and avoid direct sunlight.At the same time, do not use bleach and strong acid cleaner.

6. Precautions for open crotch pants

When using open crotch pants, you should pay attention to the following points.The first is to choose the right size. Too large or too small will affect the effect of wearing.The second is to pay attention to cleaning and hygiene, especially when used in time after multiple use.Finally, when used, pay attention to the selection and use of sexual tools to avoid damage to the genitals.

7. The advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear open crotch pants

The advantage of sexy lingerie on crotch pants is that it is convenient to use, can easily perform sexual and flirting activities, and at the same time, it can also show the sexy charm of women’s bodies.The disadvantage is that it may make women feel uncomfortable, and cleaning is more troublesome.


8. Suggestions for the matching of open crotch pants

In order to achieve the best matching effect, it is recommended that when choosing open crotch pants, you can choose different styles of open crotch pants according to your body and preference.For the upper body, you can choose a variety of branches, slings, vests, etc.If you want to be more sexy, you can also add elements such as stockings, high heels.

9. Purchase suggestion for open crotch pants

When buying open crotch pants, choose products with good quality and high comfort.You can choose a formal sex shop or online shopping platform. When buying, pay attention to the brand, size and material information to avoid unsuitable situations.

10. Conclusion

In short, sexy underwear open crotch pants are important props that can enhance sexual experience and flirting effects.Pay attention to the method of dressing, matching methods, and maintenance precautions.At the same time, you should also pay attention to the style and purchase channel that suits you to find the best results.