Sexy underwear night fire foreigners

Sexy underwear night fire foreigners

The night temptation of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear caters to modern people’s pursuit of their bodies has become an important cultural and lifestyle.The sexy lingerie with night temptation is particularly popular in the foreign market. Let’s take a look together.

American: Sexy and pure night charm

The characteristics of American erotic underwear are sexy and pure atmosphere.In terms of style, soft fabrics such as transparent lace, tulle, and tailoring design highlight the body curve, but keep some mystery for women.In color, the black and red series are the representative color of American sex lingerie.

France: Romantic and beautiful night song

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French erotic underwear pays more attention to design and quality, and is known for its beautiful and romantic style and exquisite handmade craftsmanship.In French sexy underwear, it is mainly lace and tulle, and the light tones are the main, with small decorations such as roses, bow knots, to create a female image of poetic and painting.

Japan: Cute and Cooked Night Banquet

Japanese sexy underwear focuses on details and personality in design. It has detailed shapes such as splitting, splitting, suspenders, and chic bows, small flowers and other unique decorations, creating a young, fresh and cute atmosphere.

Italy: Luxury and quiet night banquet

The representative brand of Italian erotic underwear is LV.Its design style pays more attention to simple and luxurious, emphasizing the texture of the fabric and materials, making the underwear shining with a quiet temperament.

Spain: sexy and elegant night song

In Spain, the design of sexy underwear is often integrated into traditional cultural elements. It is represented by Gothic style, which is stronger and more sexy and elegant.

Britain: Noble and Elegant Nightingale

British sex lingerie inherits the charm of Britain, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament of women.The classic black and white gray three -color tone is usually used, and the aristocratic elements such as the royal badge and fur are incorporated, creating a noble and elegant temperament.

Oil Shine

Australia: Fashionable Night Hawk

Australian sexy underwear is more focused on sports, fashion, and avant -garde.On the fabric, it prefers heavy and comfortable cotton materials, while combining various personality printing and embroidery elements, showing a loose, free, stylish and comfortable dressing sense.

Canada: Simple and comfortable night swallows

Canada’s sexy underwear is pursuing "simple and comfortable", which is biased towards leisure, home, and sleep.The commonly used fabrics are pure cotton and lace, mainly with light pink, milk white, and decorated with cute patterns.

Netherlands: Avant -garde Night Wolf

As the representative of European sex underwear manufacturing, the Netherlands has become one of the developed countries in the field of sex underwear.Dutch sex underwear is relatively bold in design, prefining in modern, fashionable, and avant -garde.Black, red, orange and other dark tones are usually used, and alternately appear in the same underwear, bringing a strong visual impact.

Summary: discover your night temptation

Each country and culture have their own unique erotic underwear style.Entering their respective sexy underwear shops, maybe they can find underwear different countries, different ethnic groups, different types, and different styles, adding multiple choices to their night temptation.No matter what style of sexy underwear, we make us more elegant, confident and sexy in the night.