Sexy underwear in the car

Sexy underwear in the car

(Note: This article only explores the safety problem of car memory to release sexy underwear, does not involve any advertising)

In today’s society, sexy underwear has become a must -have for many people to regulate life.However, many people think of a problem: how can I carry sex underwear safely if they want to travel or date?This article introduces several feasible ways.

1. Fold in pocket

If you only carry a simple one or two sexy underwear, fold it and put it in a pocket or a small bag carried with you. It is a good choice.This can ensure that the underwear will not be wrinkled, and teammates will not find that you carry sexy underwear.

2. Carry in the packaging bag

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Some brands of sexy underwear will have a sealed packaging bag, which has a low dirt infection rate.Using this packaging bag can ensure the neat underwear and can be removed at any time.Of course, if you do n’t have such a packaging bag, you can buy a clean sealed bag and put it in underwear.

3. Small box loading

With more sexy underwear, or people who are keen on different appearances, you can consider using a small box for loading.In this way, the underwear can be stored and stored to reduce the chance of wrinkles.Of course, this method needs to consider the size and weight of the box, otherwise it will become bulky.

4. Customized inside bag

Some professional customized underwear brands can customize personalized underwear bags according to personal needs.This method can ensure the perfect safety storage of the underwear, and it can also install a small lock to ensure safety according to the needs.

5. Place in a suitcase

If you think your underwear bag is too large or you need to carry more items, you can use the luggage options.Roll up the sexy lingerie and place it in the suitcase and cover it with other items. This is a super secure way of carrying.

6. Put in a portable backpack

When traveling, carrying a backpack with you almost became standard.After being packed in a small box, putting it directly into a backpack is a safer strategy.This way of carrying can save space in the suitcase.

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7. Roll -type portable luggage

In order to solve the problem of the luggage too bulky, the merchant launched a drum -type portable luggage.This luggage can be folded. Although it cannot be stored too much underwear, it is indeed a relatively safe way of carrying.

8. clothing bag

There is a device similar to a suitcase called "clothing bag".When carrying erotic underwear, put it in a breathable bag and placed it in a large backpack or suitcase is a good choice.This can save space and ensure the neatness of underwear.

9. With anti -theft lock

If you have decided to use your luggage to carry underwear, you can match a small lock for underwear, which can effectively prevent theft, and at the same time make your heart more assured.

10. To be ready to go

In the end, if you clean up very carefully when you go out, and properly divide all the items to the door, you can consider putting the sexy underwear and other items in different bags, so that the underwear can avoid being mixed together and was wrinkled.

In short, it can be solved in a proper and safe carrying and safely carried on their own failed underwear.Only when you try these methods in person can you find the most suitable way of carrying you.