Sexy underwear character type Daquan map

Sexy underwear character type Daquan map

1. Pure and cute series

The pure and cute series of sexy underwear is cute and playful, with simple design and single color, suitable for women who like Japanese style.Its clothing style is fresh and natural, giving a cute feeling.

2. Sexy seductive series

The sexy and seductive series of sexy underwear is sexy and bold. The design is sexy and prominent. It is commonly used for bright noodles, lace and other materials, which is suitable for creating a mysterious atmosphere for love.

3. Play series

The sexy underwear played by the series is based on the theme of role -playing, and adopts the image design of various occupations, such as female police, nurses, stewardess, etc. It is suitable for couples to be used in surprise.

4. Uniform control series

The fun underwear of the uniform control series is the theme of uniforms, such as school uniforms, bus girls, labor beauty girls, etc., highlighting the practicality and theme of clothing, suitable for people with different feelings.

5. Mature intellectual series

The sexy underwear of the mature intellectual series is based on mature intellectuals. The design is simple and generous, and it is darkened, showing the elegance and charm of women.

6. National Style Series

The erotic underwear of the national style series is based on the theme of traditional Chinese clothing and various national characteristics. It adds various Chinese elements for design, full of oriental charm.

7. Pink Party Series

The sexy underwear of the pink party series is based on pink, and the design of the girl’s heart is sweet and warm, suitable for the romantic atmosphere between husband and wife.

8. Loli series

The erotic underwear of the loli series strives to be cute and feminine in design. It is bright and bright in color. It uses various elements such as lace and bow, which is suitable for young women.

9. Perspective sexy series

The sexy sexy series of sexy underwear adopts a sexy perspective design, which fully exposes the female figure, and combines sexy, feminine and mature atmosphere.

10. Wedding series

The sexy underwear of the wedding series is a category used to replace traditional wedding dresses. The main color is based on white. The design is condensed, elegant, atmospheric, and concise, which can reflect the purity and solemnity of women.


All in all, sexy underwear is a symbol of female sexy charm. There are many types and their own characteristics.No matter what type, wearing it will make women more charming.Choose sex underwear to choose according to your temperament and needs.

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