Sexy underwear beauty suspenders stockings

Sexy underwear beauty suspenders stockings


For every woman, sexy underwear is a very important item.Wearing a sexy underwear can not only enhance women’s self -confidence, but also bring certain stimuli and interest to themselves and partners.Among them, beauty suspenders stockings are also a very popular sexy underwear dress.This article will introduce the styles, knowledge and wearing skills of beauty suspenders and stockings, hoping to provide some useful suggestions for female friends.

Beauty suspension stockings style introduction

Beauty camisco stockings mainly include two types: short and long.Short beauty sling stockings generally stay at the root of the thighs, which is a very sexy underwear.The long beauty suspender stockings extend to the knee, which has a more elegant and noble temperament.In addition, the styles of beautiful camisco stockings also include a variety of styles such as multiple shoulder straps, tannal, and exposed navels, which can be selected according to their preferences and figures.

Beauty suspenders and stockings wearing skills

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It also requires some skills to put on beautiful camisco stockings. The following are several small suggestions:

Matching sexy underwear

Beauty suspension stockings need to be matched with sexy underwear to produce better results.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the color and style of the underwear should be matched with the beauty suspenders.


Choose the right beauty suspenders and stockings. You also need to pay attention to your body.Women with long legs and thinner can choose thinner beauty suspenders stockings.If a woman with thick legs or a full body, you need to choose a relatively loose beauty suspender stockings.

High -heeled shoes match

High -heeled shoes are the best partner of beauty suspenders stockings.You can choose a highly pointed or fine heel to match.However, it should be noted that the styles and colors of high heels and beauty suspenders also need to be consistent.

Accessory add

You can use some accessories to add some accessories to increase visual effects.For example, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other decorations can play a good embellishment.

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Tips for the knowledge of beauty suspenders stockings

In addition to the wearing skills above, you also need to master some tricks of beauty suspension stockings:

cleaning method

Beauty suspension stockings need to be washed with cold water and choose suitable detergents.Use laundry opportunities to cause damage to the silk of beauty suspenders.

Master the breathability

Stockings are a relatively impermeable material. Wearing beautiful camisco stockings can increase the breathability of the crotch appropriately to avoid the wet and cooling of the private parts.

Avoid hooking claws

When putting on a beautiful camiscous stockings, you need to pay attention to avoid hook claws.If the socks are broken or can be foreseen, you can use nail polish or transparent tape to repair it.

Recommended matching of beauty suspenders stockings

Next is the recommendation of several beauty suspenders stockings. Different combinations can bring you different style feelings.

Black beauty suspenders stockings+leather skirt

Black beauty suspenders and leather skirts can produce very obvious contrast effects.At the same time, leather skirts can show women’s sexy and charming, which is in sharp contrast to black beauty suspenders stockings.

Red Beauty Studius Stockings+White Dress

Red beauty suspenders and white dresses can enhance women’s temperament and give people a noble and elegant feeling.At the same time, the red beauty suspender stockings can also enhance the charm of women’s aura.

Transparent beauty suspenders stockings+shorts

Transparent beauty suspenders and shorts can create a bold and sexy shape.The transparent beauty suspender stockings allow women to show their confidence and courage.

Applicable scene of beauty suspenders stockings

Finally, let’s take a look at the applicable scene of beauty suspension stockings:

Sexy sex occasions

Beauty suspenders stockings are a widely used sexy underwear in night and sexy occasions.You can use a more romantic and passionate experience in the occasion of sexy parties, Valentine’s Day, wedding honeymoon night, etc.

Daily personal matching

Beauty camiscous stockings can also be used for daily personal wear, adding women’s temperament and charm.Put on a beautiful camiscous stockings on the right occasion to make women more confident and proud.


Crossing beautiful camisco stockings can not only show the unique charm and temperament of women, but also bring a new interesting experience to couples.At the same time, you need to pay attention to wearing skills and mastering some tips, which can make beauty suspenders and stockings play the greatest effect.