Sexy underwear beads stuck in her

Sexy underwear beads stuck in her

What erotic underwear beads?

Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing for women, and sexy underwear beads refer to small beads hanging on the underwear, which are usually used for decoration and stimulation.The size, material and suspension position of the beads will affect its effect.

Where is the bead stuck in her?

When the beads hang in the front or hem of the underwear, women may feel uncomfortable, especially at the event.To make a worse case, beads may be stuck near women’s private parts, causing unnecessary pain and discomfort.

Analysis of the cause of beads stuck

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There may be many reasons for beads to stuck women’s bodies, including too much underwear size or too small, bras that are not suitable for bra, and improper design of beads.After buying a sexy underwear, you must check the position of the bead and the size of the underwear for your body.

Solution 1: Suspension location adjustment

If the bead is stuck near the women’s private parts, you can try to move them to a more appropriate position.Hanging beads in the front or hem will not only reduce discomfort, but also improve the sexy atmosphere.

Solution 2: Replace underwear styles

If the bead is stuck because the underwear is not suitable, you can consider replacing the style.You can find the right underwear from a variety of angles such as bra, underwear and sling to avoid the situation of beads stuck in the body.

Solution 3: Choose smaller beads

If you want to retain the decorative effect of beads, but you also want to avoid being stuck in your body, you can consider choosing smaller beads.This bead is usually relatively light and it is not easy to get stuck.

Solution 4: Remove beads

If the above solutions are not suitable for you, removing beads may be the best choice.Removed the beads from the sexy underwear can avoid the problem of the bead stuck near the private part, but it may also lose some sexy and decorative effects.


in conclusion

Although sexy underwear beads can bring irritation and sexy to women, if the bead is stuck in women’s physical discomfort, it is necessary to consider changing underwear, adjusting the position of beads, and removing beads.No matter what kind of solution is selected, you need to focus on your physical feelings and pay attention to keeping the underwear clean and hygiene.