Sexy underwear as love stockings

The charm and use of sexy underwear as love stockings

In daily life, sexy underwear is one of the important tools for improving the relationship between couples and improving sexual life.As one of the categories of sexy underwear, because of its unique visual effects and rich functionality, it is highly sought after in the sexy underwear market.

1. The principle of making stockings

Making stockings is a sexy underwear similar to tight pantyhose, consisting of fabrics, fibers and elasticity.While retaining the comfort and shaping effect of tight pantyhose, it can appropriately increase local friction and improve sex through the special design of fiber.

Second, the classification of making stockings

Love stockings can be divided into many different types according to different use purposes and design styles.Among them, the common types include: pulling stockings, mesh socks, over -knee socks, open crotch stockings, lace stockings, etc.

Third, the function of pulling stockings

Pulling stockings is a monochrome and transparent stockings type.It adopts a low brushed technology to retain the style of traditional transparent stockings, but it is softer and more comfortable than traditional stockings.At the same time, pulling stockings can increase the friction of the sexes and stimulate emotions.

Fourth, the charm of grid socks

Grid socks are a sexy underwear similar to fish nets.It can outline the beauty of women’s legs through grid design and elastic fiber, and at the same time, it can also moderately increase the friction between the two sides and enhance the fun of sex.

5. The skills of over -knee socks

Over -the -knee socks are an extension of tight pantyhose, which can extend and wrap the entire leg, showing extra fashion and sexy.The skills of wearing knee socks are to choose the right size and accessories to make it more comfortable.

6. The characteristics of open crotch stockings

Open crotch stockings are a kind of sexy underwear for sex.It is designed with openings such as crotch zipper or buttons on the closed part. While retaining the beauty of stockings, it can facilitate the two parties to experience more diverse sex posture.

Seven, romance of lace stockings

Lace stockings are a multi -purpose sexy lingerie.It reflects romance and sexy through the decoration and transparent socks of lace.Lace stockings can be used as daily accessories or pajamas, and can bring more interest in sex.

8. The choice of suitable crowd

Making stockings is suitable for various occasions such as gatherings, parties, and sex.It is generally suitable for women with slender body and smooth skin. It is also the key to choosing the right size at the same time.It should be noted that for people who are too sensitive or skin diseases, it is best to avoid choosing to use love stockings.

How to choose

When choosing to love stockings, you must first consider your own needs and temperament.At the same time, it is necessary to choose through the standards of brand reputation, material and softness.Pay attention to anti -counterfeiting signs to ensure product quality.

10. Summary

Making stockings has its unique functionality and visual effects in the sexy underwear market.When selecting and using, you need to consider carefully according to your own situation, and choose the appropriate brand and material.Its correct choice and use can bring more fun and romance.

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